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Teaming up for the environment

20 June 2013 Feature story

Airbus, as part of a French-industrial collaboration, conducted the “Joining our Engines – Biofuel Initiative France” flight today during the Paris Air Show to demonstrate the nation’s technical capability and research into developing sustainable biofuels in the country.

An Airbus A321 test aircraft equipped with Sharklets and powered by CFM56 engines, completed its demonstration flight from Toulouse to Le Bourget Airport using Biojet A-1 Total/Amyris, which is a biofuel produced from innovative sugar-processing technology.

The flight resulted from a partnership between Airbus and the following French-based companies: Safran, a leading aerospace, defense and security group; Air France, a leader in the air transport sector in sustainable development; and Total, one of the largest integrated oil and gas companies in the world.

These four companies seek to support the emergence of the French biofuel industry and find concrete solutions for sustainable energy sources based on environmental, social, technical and economic factors.

Alternative fuel research is a core tenet of Airbus’ initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of air transport, lowering its overall CO2 footprint. Airbus’ premise is based on establishing local sustainable solutions in communities around the world. 


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