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Airbus introduces additional features to its iPad application for pilots

Airbus has further enhanced its portfolio of performance-calculating applications for iPad devices as part of the company’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) – in which laptops, hand-held digital devices and other systems replace the pilot’s traditional printed charts, maps and manuals.

12 September 2013 Feature story

The “FlySmart with Airbus” application integrates Airbus’ EFB software with the tablet’s iOS operating system, providing its Electronic Flight Bag performance-calculating applications for pilots on iPad – making Airbus the first aircraft manufacturer to offer this feature. 

Since the official launch of FlySmart with Airbus, the company has added new applications, which are accessible from pilots’ hand-held digital devices:

• FlySmart with Airbus/Manager, which allows the user to update the operational data of its Electronic Flight Bag applications suite in a centralized manner;

• FlySmart with Airbus/Loadsheet, enabling pilots to compute weight and balance data of the aircraft according to the type of operations and aircraft loading, and considering easy handling of last minute changes.

Additionally, new features have been developed for the takeoff and landing applications such as optimum configuration, multiple runway computations, export of computations and computation time improvement.

Airbus innovative Electronic Flight Bag solution for iPad has been selected by almost 60 customers, with around 10 per cent of the global Airbus pilot community utilising this feature.


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