AFDX® backbone network technology is licensed for the helicopter market

A new licensing agreement for the Airbus-patented AFDX® backbone network technology was confirmed with Italy’s Selex ES S.p.A. at this week’s Paris Air Show, bringing an end-system manufacturer into the official AFDX partner community and broadening its use to the helicopter market.

21 June 2013 Feature story

The AFDX backbone network technology enables safe and secure data transfer for the aviation industry – including airborne applications on airliners, business jets, military airlifters and helicopters. This communication standard, first developed by Airbus for its fly-by-wire A380 jetliner, is more advanced than previous protocols.

Airbus has committed to making AFDX licenses available on a non-discriminatory basis to all seeking the use of this standard, and is proactively enforcing its patent protection rights with support of the EADS Technology Licensing initiative – an operation of Airbus’ EADS parent company.

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