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A380 airlines redefine passenger comfort

27 September 2012 Feature story

With more than 27 million travellers carried to date by the growing fleet of globe-trotting A380s, this jetliner has well earned its reputation as a passenger-pleasing jetliner in all classes of service.

Airlines that fly the A380 benefit from the only aircraft today that unites all of the essential elements for an ultimate passenger experience, including the quietest cabin in the sky, more stowage volume, the widest-ever main deck and true widebody comfort on the upper deck, along with comfortable cabin altitude and high relative humidity, as well as advanced temperature control and low-velocity cabin air.

The A380’s large cross-section allows for wider seats, as the main deck width is dimensioned with 20 more inches than its competing very large jetliner, while the upper deck has 70 inches more width.

Unprecedented space and flexibility designed into the A380 enables airlines to innovate in premium classes, while economy seats can be sized as the widest in their category.

Airlines such as Thai Airways International are taking full advantage of these features, with THAI incorporating new cabin designs on the A380 in its Royal First Class, Royal Silk Class and Economy class.


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