People & culture

Employees from all corners of the world

Employees from all corners of the world

Airbus takes pride in the diversity of its employees, and values the special experience and expertise that come from its truly global workforce.

The company thrives on the mix of ideas, vision and knowledge such a combination of cultures creates. At the same time, Airbus encourages its employees to develop individual talents and take pride in their heritage.

With employees from more than 100 nationalities, diversity is the essence of Airbus. With its global presence growing Airbus is now an even bigger international family. 

For an Airbus employee it is usual to work side by side with people from a range of cultures. Career advancement within the company can take an employee not just to another floor or another building – but to another country. 

But diversity is not just about nationality. An increasing number of Airbus employees are women, who are working in a full range of jobs and responsibilities – including those considered as traditional male roles.

In addition to its many sites around Europe, Airbus has subsidiaries in North America, China, India, Japan and the Middle East, along with an engineering joint venture in Russia. As a result, the pool of talent from which Airbus selects its employees has truly become global.