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On-site support

Airbus operators are backed by teams of motivated managers and engineers who provide support and guidance from the moment an airline considers acquiring Airbus aircraft through the jetliners’ entire operational life.

On-site support

 Customer Support Directors work with airlines to ensure Airbus’ commitments are met for training, documentation, spares support and other services. These directors assist operators as they expand their fleets, and provide valuable guidance to help airlines adapt to changing market conditions. 

The Airbus Customer Support Directors work with airlines in such areas as monitoring dispatch reliability and are able to address issues before they become problems. 

Airbus’ Resident Customer Support Managers (also known as field service representatives) are located at airports across the United States, Canada, and Latin America, providing an on-site contact for airlines on engineering and technical matters. 

Resident Customer Support Managers in the United States are positioned at Charlotte, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Duluth, Ft. Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Tulsa, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. In Canada, Airbus has RCSMs at Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal’s Mirabel and Dorval airports. 

Latin American customers can find field representatives in Mexico City and Toluca, Mexico, as well as in such cities as San Salvador, El Salvador; Quito, Ecuador; Sao Paolo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

In addition, Airbus places Resident Customer Support Managers on assignment at certain locations for specific support tasks. For example, dedicated Resident Customer Support Managers currently are located at Los Angeles and New York’s JFK specifically for international airlines serving these destinations with long-range Airbus aircraft – including the A380.




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