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Maintenance engineering

Airbus Americas Customer Services is always ready to evolve with industry trends, and its creation of the Maintenance & Engineering Services operation reflects airlines’ increasing use of outside contractors for MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) work on their aircraft.

Maintenance engineering

Maintenance & Engineering Services is coordinated from Airbus Americas' Herndon, Virginia headquarters. Its team works with both the airlines and the industry’s MRO service providers: aiding operators when they seek outside maintenance, repair and overhaul; while also working with MRO contractors to ensure these suppliers offer the best and most competitive services to Airbus customers. 

The outsourcing of MRO work is increasing dramatically in North America as the large, established airlines seek to reduce their in-house maintenance capabilities for cost-control reasons, and the new lower-cost carriers decide from the start to contract out most – if not all – of their MRO work. 

With Maintenance & Engineering Services, airlines in the Americas have a team of experts at their disposal for all questions on MRO contracting, and for assistance in developing their strategies based on changing business and market conditions.


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