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22 May 2017

The New Journey into Space

The sky is not the limit! The new journey into space shows the innovative and manifold space portfolio of Airbus.

27 April 2017

Eutelsat Quantum

Eutelsat Quantum - first ever fully flexible telecom satellite

27 April 2017


Airbus Secure Communications invite you to experience a Snapshot of our Aero SatCom capabilities . Chose from our ...

06 April 2017

Johannes Reijneveld talks about SpaceDataHighway

06 April 2017

Sergio Palumberi talks about SpaceDataHighway

06 April 2017

Marc Leadstone talks about SpaceDataHighway

07 March 2017

Copernicus - Sentinel 2B

The Sentinel-2 mission is based on a constellation of two identical satellites in the same orbit, 180° apart for ...

14 February 2017

Space Tug

Space Tug: Life extension services for satellites through on-orbit services.

04 July 2016

Airbus Defence and Space to build Biomass – the European Space Agency’s forest mission

Airbus Defence and Space, the world’s second largest space company has signed a contract with the European Space ...

18 May 2016

Meet us at ILA 2016 in Berlin

This year we will be present from 1st to 4th June at the ILA Berlin Air Show, held in Germany – where we have a ...

27 April 2016

How to Get a Satellite Image in less than 1 hour ?

Direct Tasking allows Airbus Defence and Space Direct Receiving Stations (DRS) to get a dedicated and guaranteed ...

11 April 2016

Interview with Tom Enders and Greg Wyler on OneWeb

Interview with Tom Enders and Greg Wyler on OneWeb and digital transformation

29 March 2016

Earth Observation

Airbus Defence and Space is able to provide the right satellite for every customer – whether they need a ...

29 February 2016

Human Space Flight powered by Airbus Defence and Space

Spacelab, ATV, Columbus and Orion ESM - human space flight mission powered by Airbus Defence and Space. More info: ...

23 February 2016

Airbus Defence and Space: SPOT Family, 30 years of Space imagery

From the launch of SPOT 1 to the commissioning of its descendants SPOT 6 and 7, Airbus Defence and Space satellites ...

09 February 2016

Spot 6/7

With SPOT 6 and SPOT 7, the SPOT series is entering a new era. Together, the two satellites form an ...

30 January 2016

SpaceDataHighway - Interview Evert Dudok

Interview with Evert Dudok, EVP Communications, Intelligence and Security on SpaceDataHighway Via EDRS-A and EDRS-C ...

30 October 2015

Airbus Defence and Space at Dubai Airshow 2015

Experience the latest Airbus Defence and Space technology from November 8th till November 12th.; For more ...

24 August 2015

Capacity Building

When someone (a company, a ministry…) buys a satellite from Airbus Defence and Space, they have the option to not ...

17 July 2015

Ariane 5 – 66th consecutive launch success

Ariane 5 has been successfully launched from Kourou, French Guiana, for the 66th time in a row, placing in orbit the ...

15 June 2015

Airbus Defence and Space Selected for OneWeb Satellites Constellation

Airbus Defence and Space has been selected by OneWeb Ltd. as its industrial partner for the design and manufacturing ...

12 June 2015

Airbus Defence and Space, a driving force for Copernicus

Airbus Defence and Space has been a key partner in the Copernicus programme since it kicked off in 1998 under the ...

27 May 2015

DirecTV 15 - Promo clip

Airbus designed and manufactured DirecTV 15, a new high-power telecommunications satellite based on Eurostar-3000 ...

15 April 2015


WorldDEM - An Airbus Defence and Space service that enables earth observation, elevation modelling and flood ...

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