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27 April 2016

How to Get a Satellite Image in less than 1 hour ?

Direct Tasking allows Airbus Defence and Space Direct Receiving Stations (DRS) to get a dedicated and guaranteed access to the satellite resource with the maximum reactivity. It is a premium and direct access to Airbus optical satellite constellations, a first class programming mode for receiving stations to take control of Pléiades and SPOT6/7 satellites. It offers Receiving Stations the best reactivity from collection planning to mission ready data, to support ultimate near-real time applications.. For more info:

29 March 2016


WorldDEM™ , the first truly global 3D Digital Elevation Model of the Earth's entire land surface. Pole-to-pole coverage coupled with unrivalled accuracy and quality - these are the defining characteristics of the WorldDEM™. More information:

15 April 2015


WorldDEM - An Airbus Defence and Space service that enables earth observation, elevation modelling and flood observation.

25 May 2014

Cloud Services - Geospatial Data Management made easy

A growing number of organizations increasingly depend on a disparate and sophisticated array of geospatial data to make the kinds of informed decisions upon which their operations depend. But it's not just the raw data these organizations are after - it's the mission-critical business intelligence hidden within it. Which is why at Astrium Services, we understand that the true measure of a commercial geospatial solution lies not merely in the precision, richness, and quality of the images generated by its satellites, but also in how easily the users of those images can access, share, process, and otherwise leverage the value they represent. After all, if an organization cannot adequately accommodate the growing volumes of geospatial data in its possession, if it struggles to find the right images when it most needs them, or if it is unable to easily process and mine that data for the operational intelligence most needed, then it is a geospatial 'solution' in name only. Learn more on :

27 January 2014

Sochi: Tourist and Sports facilities

Take a look at the impressive view from space of the sports and tourist facilities in Sochi, Russia. These images depict the area with incredible precision, drawing on the Pléiades and Spot 6 Earth observation satellites built by Airbus Defence and Space.

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