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27 March 2017

H135 Helionix: customer feedback after Miami flights

The H135 with Helionix avionics system continues on its way around the USA to showcase its new capabilities to customers. Watch their feedback during the demo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

09 March 2017

H135 Helionix from a pilot's perspective

Hear from Airbus pilot Glenn Christiansen on how the Helionix digital avionics system helps make flying easier and safer. <br /> <br />Follow Airbus Helicopters to get updates on the H135 equipped with Helionix on its demo tour in the US and Mexico.

21 November 2016

H135 HATS Last Delivery

Airbus Helicopters has achieved Factory Acceptance of the last 6 of the EC135T2+ for the Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS) for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), completing on-time deliveries of the full fleet of 15.

24 October 2016

German Armed Forces reach 90,000 flight hours with the H135 training helicopter

The H135 training helicopter fleet at the International Helicopter Training Center of the Bundeswehr in Bückeburg reached the milestone of 90,000 flight hours.

10 October 2016

Meet China’s H135 launch customer, Beijing 999

In 2014, the H135 became the first emergency medical service helicopter to ever operate in China. The helicopter’s launch customer, Beijing 999, who today owns two H135s, shares its experience performing medical missions in a country whose EMS network is just emerging thanks to the opening up of low-altitude airspace in China.

30 September 2016

20 years H135 - Benchmark of Today and Tomorrow

In 2016, Airbus Helicopters’ H135 light twin-engine helicopter celebrated its 20th anniversary. The successor of the B0105, the H135 is known for its modern design, built-in safety, and wide glass windows offering exceptional visibility, while the latest version can carry significantly higher payloads in hot and high environments. Watch this video featuring feedback from a range of customers, the H135’s former chief engineer, and the current head of the program, who reflect upon this helicopter success story, from its conception and entry into service, to its growth potential for the future.

14 July 2016

Devon Air Ambulance’s H135s: Making a difference when every minute counts

The H135 play a critical medical transport role in the United Kingdom, being well-equipped to meet the specific needs of a medical-based mission. Devon Air Ambulance, a charity-based air ambulance service serving England’s south western county of Devon, has been flying missions since 1992 and purchased its first of two H135s in 2008. <br /> <br />“When we first bought the H135, we asked ourselves how we could best meet the needs of the patient,” says Nigel Hare, operations director at Devon Air Ambulance. “When responding to patients who are in life-threatening situations, it is essential that every aspect of our service provides the very best chance for the patient to survive. Every minute matters, so we need a reliable aircraft that is quick to deploy and has a fast cruise speed so that we can reach the patient and transfer them to hospital quickly, while also being smooth and stable in flight to prevent the patient’s condition from deteriorating,” says Hare. “The additional requirement of having an aircraft with sufficient endurance to enable us to respond to the next patient resulted in us choosing the H135.”

12 July 2016

H135: Flying the Line with Wester Power Distribution

Western Power Distribution is a British energy company that provides electricity to nearly 8 million customers within a 55,500- square-kilometre area. The company uses the H135 as an aerial platform to survey its 220,000-kilometre-long network of power lines for faults and breakages. In 2015, the company’s helicopter unit flew almost 3,500 hours using five aircraft. Smooth, quiet and safe with a wide, unobstructed windshield, the H135 is hailed by both pilots and power line observers, who here share their favorite features of this helicopter.

31 July 2015

First H135 for offshore wind operations delivered

The first H135 configured for offshore hoisting duties has been delivered to HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH, marking a new milestone for the enhanced version of Airbus Helicopters’ lightweight rotorcraft previously known as the EC135 T3.

07 July 2015

Bluecopter demonstrator takes the sky

A quieter and more fuel efficient future for rotorcraft flight was unveiled by Airbus Helicopters today with its Bluecopter demonstrator, which has validated leading-edge technologies ranging from an advanced Fenestron®, improved rotor and airframe design to intelligent engine power management. Watch the video. <br /> <br />Read the press release:

02 July 2015

H135 contributes to improving safety

H135 contributes to improving safety for EMS operations in Norway <br />In Norway, around 700 flights each year cannot be flown due to bad weather and poor visibility. This is about to change with the introduction of new navigational instruments and flight procedures that use satellite-based GPS technology. Known as PROud, this collaborative European project to improve safety in EMS missions. Airbus Helicopters is supporting PROuD with its H135, certified for highly precise instrument landing approaches in difficult terrain and weather. Together with Norwegian Air Ambulance, Airbus Helicopters recently performed impressive test flights with the H135 in June 2015. Watch the video.

15 June 2015

H135 in operation with the French Gendarmerie

On the occasion of the 51st Paris Air Show, Airbus Helicopters spoke with the French Gendarmerie about its involvement in the Charlie Hebdo operation that put the world on high alert last January. <br />Lcl Eric Espinal, head of aerial operations in Paris and H135 pilot during the operation, shares his experience and talks about why the H135 was an indispensible partner during the mission.

14 June 2015

Final countdown to the 2015 Paris Air Show

The world's largest aeronautical event is about to take off. Airbus Helicopters' air show team previews some of the action to come on the rotorcraft side of this biannual event. <br /> <br />On the static display visit the H225M and the H135, plus full-scale mockups of our newest aircraft: the H145M and the H160, whose innovative Blue Edge blades are also on display at the CORAC (Civil Aviation Research Council) tent nearby. <br /> <br />Learn more about how blades in general are constructed at the Avion des Métiers exhibit, and then check out the X3 high-speed helicopter demonstrator next door at France's National Air and Space Museum. Finally stop by Clean Sky to see a mock-up of a High Compression Engine.

26 May 2015

H145 impressions: EMS in the Bavarian Alps

H145 impressions: EMS in the Bavarian Alps <br />Several weeks after entering service in the Bavarian Alps, pilots and paramedics from German rescue organization ADAC share their impressions of the new H145.

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