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05 October 2017

Sentinel-5 Precursor

Sentinel-5 Precursor – a ESA/Kingdom of the Netherlands mission for the European Copernicus Programme – was built by ...

26 September 2017

AIRBUS JUICE Emotionclip

Searching for life on Jupiter's icy moons

07 September 2017

We never stop innovating

Since the early 60's Airbus has continuously been pushing the boundaries of space technology.

03 July 2017

BepiColombo - Mission to Mercury

BepiColombo: To this day, Mercury remains the most mysterious planet of our solar system. The Sun’s glare makes it ...

26 June 2017

Orion European Service Module for NASA's spacecraft

Orion ESM is the first Europe's contribution to a critical part of a NASA's spacecraft, whom Airbus is the main ...

21 June 2017

ISS Utilization

Major improvements to protect life on Earth are made possible through a unique space asset: the International Space ...

20 June 2017

Paris Air Show - Day 2

From big announcements to great flying displays, watch the best moments of day 2 at Paris Air Show 2017.

19 June 2017

Ariane 5

Ariane 5 is a major element in Europe’s unrestricted, independent access to space.

19 June 2017

Solar Orbiter

The Solar Orbiter will scrutinise the Sun in unprecedented detail. Travelling closer to the Sun than the planet ...

19 June 2017


NIRSpec, the 200-kg near infrared spectrometer will be able to observe up to 100 celestial bodies, such as galaxies ...

19 June 2017

Space Equipment

Space Equipment Portfolio: Telecommunications, Earth observation, scientific missions, manned spaceflight, launchers.

19 June 2017

Human Spaceflight

Spacelab, ATV, Columbus and Orion ESM - human space flight mission powered by Airbus

19 June 2017


Gaia's mission aims to pick out celestial objects 400,000 times fainter than the human eye can see. The ...

12 June 2017

Biomass - Promo clip

Airbus is building Biomass, the 1st P-band radar in space that will measure the amount of biomass and carbon locked ...

08 June 2017

All-electric propulsion satellites by Airbus

Electric propulsion makes it possible to reduce the mass of satellites, leading to lower launch costs for a given ...

02 June 2017

OneWeb Satellite Constellation

OneWeb satellites: Airbus has been selected by OneWeb Ltd. as its industrial partner for the design and ...

01 June 2017

Eurostar Neo

Eurostar Neo - all propulsion options available and optimized for electric propulsion

31 May 2017

BepiColombo - Stack building

BepiColombo: To this day, Mercury remains the most mysterious planet of our solar system. The Sun’s glare makes it ...

22 May 2017

The New Journey into Space

The sky is not the limit! The new journey into space shows the innovative and manifold space portfolio of Airbus.

19 May 2017

Mars Rover

Europe’s first Mars rover will have an unmatched capability to autonomously navigate up to 70 metres a day with no ...

19 May 2017

GRACE-FO satellites

Both GRACE-FO satellites will continually take very exact measurements of their separation distance, which changes ...

12 May 2017

Orion ESM - Mission through deep space

Orion is NASA’s next spacecraft to send humans into space. It is designed to send astronauts further into space than ...

11 May 2017

Earth Observation Portfolio

Airbus is able to provide the right satellite for every customer – whether they need a weather-independent data ...

04 May 2017

PerúSAT-1 - A 24-month story from A to Z

PerúSAT-1 is a very-high-resolution Earth observation satellite system built for the government and Space Agency of ...

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