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30 August 2017

Sentinel 5 Precursor in Orbit - Artist view

Airbus-built Sentinel-5P satellite will be launched to complete the European Copernicus programme

© Max Alexander 2017; Please credit Max Alexander/Airbus
29 August 2017

Airbus-built Sentinel-5P satellite leaving Stevenage facility

Airbus-built Sentinel-5P satellite left Airbus Stevenage facility to reach its launch site

© Max Alexander 2017; Please credit Max Alexander/Airbus
© Airbus 2017
19 July 2017

Airbus-built Sentinel-5P in clean room, Stevenage

Airbus-built Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite ready for launch in clean room, Stevenage - © Airbus 2017

© Airbus 2017
13 June 2017


TerraSAR-X satellite image of Las Vegas (USA)

19 April 2017

EarthCARE (Earth Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Explorer) in production

EarthCARE satellite: Japanese Cloud Radar meets its spacecraft for the first time at Airbus’ Satellite Centre in ...

07 March 2017

Sentinel-2B satellite to complete Europe´s colour vision mission of Earth

24 February 2017

Sentinel-2B satellite part of the Copernicus Programme

16 November 2016

Sentinel-2B satellite

Airbus DS GmbH /Alfred Ruttloff
15 June 2016

Sentinel-2B- Closing of Container, Sentinel-2B packed for transport

Sentinel-2 is a polar-orbiting, multispectral high-resolution imaging mission for land monitoring to provide, for ...

Airbus DS GmbH /Alfred Ruttloff
02 June 2016

First image taken by the Sentinel 1A radar satellite taken over La Reunion Island and its coastal area, was transmitted successfully by EDRS-A

19 May 2016

Sentinel-1B on track with its “Radar Vision”

16 February 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA , Sentinel-3 radiometric instrument

26 January 2016

Sentinel satellite of Copernicus programme

15 December 2015

Sentinel-1 satellite

23 June 2015

Vega launcher take off carrying Sentinel-2A satellite from the spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana

17 June 2015

Vega launcher preparation before launch with Sentinel-2A satellite from the spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana

16 June 2015

Sentinel- 2A satellite in Airbus cleanroom

28 May 2015

Sentinel-2A will map the Earth’s entire landmass as part of the European Copernicus global monitoring programme

Airbus DS /A. Ruttloff
28 May 2015

Sentinel-1B antenna readied for transport to meet its spacecraft

Airbus DS /A. Ruttloff
21 April 2015

Sentinel-2A transported to Kourou


26 February 2015

German under-secretary of State Dorothee Baer visits Sentinel 2A in Ottobrunn

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, MP Dorothee ...

26 February 2015

Sentinel-1A satellite and its radar built by Airbus

the radar of Sentinel-1A satellite can be used to generate 3D models of Earth’s surface and will be able to closely ...

AirbusDS / Alfred Ruttloff
26 February 2015

Sentinel-2A ready for testing, Sentinel-2A satellite ready to undergo a series of environmental tests

AirbusDS / Alfred Ruttloff
26 February 2015

First Copernicus Satellite Sentinel-1A

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