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20 October 2017

Orbital Witness wins Airbus’ Global Earth Observation Challenge

06 September 2017

Pleiades Neo Satellite

Pleiades Neo Satellite

27 June 2017

German Troops Support Communications Worldwide

Airbus has successfully rolled out support communications to German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) troops deployed to ...
03 April 2017

Airbus and SITA signing agreement to provide Cybersecurity Services for Air Transport Industry

Airbus and SITA Join Forces to provide Advanced Cybersecurity Services for Air Transport Industry
23 March 2017

Illustration for EDRS for spacedatahighway

SpaceDataHighway enable to transfer data from Earth Observation satellites, UAVs, multi-mission aircraft by means of ...

23 March 2017

Skynet 5A secure communications satellite

22 March 2017

Satellite image of Oroville Lake, CA Water Elevation

21 March 2017

Michael Gerhards is new Head of CyberSecurity Germany

02 February 2017

Ground segment for EU security missions in Africa
24 January 2017

Deployable tactical Security Operation Center adaptable to networks requiring protection
21 November 2016

Illustration for EDRS for spacedatahighway

Illustration for EDRS for spacedatahighway

17 November 2016

"Stack Insight", a uniquely accurate satellite-based change detection and volume calculation service

29 September 2016

“One Atlas” – Airbus World’s Freshest Satellite Image Library

29 August 2016

Pléiades comparison images before and after the Earthquake in Italy

27 July 2016

Pleiades satellite image of Barra da Tujica ,Brazil

24 June 2016

Easy Access to Geospatial Data for GEOINT Operations

02 June 2016

First image taken by the Sentinel 1A radar satellite taken over La Reunion Island and its coastal area, was transmitted successfully by EDRS-A

19 May 2016

Change Detection analysis of Farquhar Island, Seychelles, after major hurricane

18 May 2016

Ground station fro secure satellite communications

11 May 2016

Pléiades and SPOT 7 Satellites images of Fires in Fort Mc Murray, Canada

10 May 2016

Adrien Bécue, R&T coordinator for CyberSecurity at Airbus and Phillipe Letellier Vice-Chairman of ITEA

03 May 2016

Marseille statium for European Football Championship 2016 mapped by Pléiades Satellites

09 March 2016

SatcomBW satellites

29 January 2016

Demonstrative infographic of how EDRS is working

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