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Airbus Confirms Departure of Paul Eremenko, Appoints Marc Fontaine Acting Chief Technology Officer

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Airbus launches new fixed and deployable flight recorders.


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A340 Laminar Flow BLADE Demonstrator First Flight - Arrival Airbus - Master Films - Pascal Pigeyre
26 September 2017

A340 Laminar Flow BLADE Demonstrator First Flight - Arrival

José Corugedo - Flight Test Engineer Jean-François Azzopardi - Test Flight Engineer Karl Heinz Mai - Experimental Pilot Philippe Seve - Flight Test Engineer Hugues Van Der Stichel - Experimental Flight Test Charles Champion and Paul Eremenko The Airbus A340 Flight Lab’s first takeoff equipped with outer wing sections designed for highly smooth airflow over their surfaces. Known as natural laminar flow, such smoothed passage of air creates less drag than the airflow on traditional wings, potentially reducing fuel burn

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24 June 2017

HighTECH workshop - 24 June PAS 2017

Airbus hosted a HighTECH conference and workshop at the 2017 Paris Air Show. An international audience, consisting of innovation, digitisation and IT specialists, discussed ‘The future of flight’. Taking part from Airbus were (from left to right): Marc Fontaine, Digital Transformation Officer; Chris Taylor, Digital Accelerator; and Paul Eremenko, Chief Technology Officer.

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21 June 2017

University Of Michigan Georgia Tech Partnership Agreement Press Conference Day3 PAS2017

Marc Fischer (Senior Vice-President Flight Physics of Airbus); Paul Eremenko (Chief Technology Officer of Airbus), Professor Alec D. Gallimore (Dean of Engineering at the University of Michigan) and Professor Laurence Jacobs (Georgia Tech’s Acting Dean of Engineering) signed today strategic partnerships in the presence of the Governor of Michigan, to prepare the future and accelerate learning in the field of advanced design methodologies.

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28 February 2017


Président of Airbus Operations SAS and Executive Vice President Engineering

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20 October 2016

The Future by Airbus: Charles Champion interview

Airbus’ Executive Vice President of Engineering Charles Champion highlights findings of a two-year global survey to assess what passengers want from flying in the future. Results underscore a desire for more sustainable operations, as well as less stressful flights for passengers. In addition, 63 per cent of participants said they will fly more by 2050.

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09 June 2017

Building the Third Golden Age of Aerospace

Presentation by Paul Eremenko at the Media Day

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