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09 February 2017

Sentinel-2 - Promoclip (textless)

Airbus is the prime contractor for Sentinel-2, an innovative wide swath high-resolution multispectral imager with 13 ...

09 February 2017

Sentinel-2B - Footage cleanroom Friedrichshafen

12 November 2015

Sentinel-3 MWR (Microwave Radiometer) - Video Footage

Sentinel-3 satellites are set to acquire a diverse range of data on oceans and land surfaces, from surface ...

07 July 2015

Sentinel-5P Tropomi instrument - Footage

Sentinel-5P is a European Earth observation satellite mission developed by Airbus to support the European Commission ...

16 June 2015

Sentinel-1 - Promo clip

The Sentinel-1 mission comprises a constellation of 2 polar-orbiting satellites, operating day and night performing ...

02 May 2014

Sentinel-1 Footage - Timelapse Deployment Test

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