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07 December 2015
07. December 2015 Commercial Aircraft

Putting passengers first: An industry-wide commitment to advancing aviation safety.

Commercial aviation safety
Every day, millions of people board airplanes around the world, trusting that they will arrive at their destinations safely – whether they are visiting family or friends, travelling for an important business meeting or flying to experience a new part of the globe.
This high-level of confidence is warranted, as jet aircraft remain one of the most reliable and safe forms of travel today. As an aviation industry leader, Airbus plays an important role in ensuring this safety – but  it is hardly alone – sharing a true commitment among all key stakeholders.
Continuous innovation to support a shared industry commitment
Since the birth of modern commercial aviation, consistent progress in safety has resulted from a wide range of improvements.
For example, the advent of commercial jet engines in the late 1950s enabled airliners to fly above the weather, and continuous developments since have made these powerplants ever more reliable and efficient. Also contributing to safety have been such technologies as “glass” cockpits with electronic flight instrument displays, better autopilot systems and more.  
Other gains in aviation safety have resulted from enhancements in flight training – with better tools, methods and flight simulators, along with the emphasis on managing human factors – while computers and communication technologies have improved air traffic control systems and navigation techniques.
Safety: an ongoing priority for the future
As air transport continues to evolve, the industry’s safety improvement list is still growing and its top priority remains the same: ensuring that everyone reaches their destination safely.
This commitment is relevant to passengers, crewmembers, travellers, relatives of those flying, as well as all citizens – and will continue with new innovations and more advanced aircraft that create even better ways to fly in the future. 
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Commercial aviation safety

Safety first: the aviation industry’s shared commitment to safe operations has resulted in continuous gains in safety – with millions of passengers each day trusting the air transport sector to reach their destinations

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