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13 August 2015
Defence and Space

Rosetta and comet 67P reached perihelion

Rosetta probe on the spot

Now, the comet is at the closest distance to the sun in its journey around our solar system and Rosetta is there to study what happens to an icy body when it is exposed to high heat levels.

Comets are some of the most primitive objects in the Solar System, scientists believe that they may provide the key to understanding the origin of our solar system. The Rosetta mission is delivering very valuable scientific information.

Rosetta is a European Space Agency mission. Launched in March 2004 Rosetta’s mission objective is to study the comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko as it travels through our solar system. Rosetta has eleven on-board instruments to carry out scientific observation of the comet as it flies close to the comet and through its dust.

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