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19 March 2015
19. March 2015 Defence and Space

Cyclone Pam: the capital of Vanuatu viewed from space before and after the disaster

Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, viewed by Pléiades satellites, before the passage of Cyclone Pam

The before and after images over Port Vila, show the devastation caused by the cyclone. The first Pleiades image was acquired on April 9, 2014 followed by another acquired on March 16, 2015, three days after the Cyclone hit Port Vila.

Airbus Defence and Space has acquired Pleiades and SPOT6 & 7 imagery over the Island nation of Vanuatu following Cyclone Pam. The International Charter (Space and Major Disasters) and the Copernicus Emergency Management Service mobilised the satellite programming to assess the damage and help rescue organisations in the delivery of humanitarian aid.

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Port vila - peninsula
9 April 2014

16 March 2015

Port vila - centre
9 April 2014

16 March 2015

Port vila - airport
9 April 2014

16 March 2015

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