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23 May 2014
Commercial Aircraft

True colours: Asiana Airlines’ new Airbus A380 shines in its unique livery

Flight Demo - Saturday A380
First A380 delivery to Asiana Airlines

The delivery of Asiana Airlines’ first A380 on 26 May, 2014 is shown in this “best of video,” highlighting the special ceremony in Toulouse, France, with speeches from Airbus, Asiana, Rolls-Royce and the South Korean ambassador. A performance by two young Korean musicians living in France, along with a dance presentation symbolising the colours and dynamism of Asiana Airlines, concluded the ceremony, followed by the milestone aircraft’s rollout and a welcome from Airbus employees who formed the shape of Asiana Airlines’ wing-shaped corporate symbol. Read less Read more

With its vibrant seven-colour vertical tailplane, Asiana Airlines’ initial A380 jetliner will soon be making quite the first impression at airports around the world.
Responsible for this unique – and complex – livery is the highly-advanced and eco-efficient Airbus A380 painting facility in Hamburg, Germany, which paints all of the company’s double-deck jetliners prior to their deliveries to customers.
“The paint shop in Hamburg is one of the most modern in the world with regard to the reduction of emissions and cleaning of air,” said Christoph Hettwer, Head of A380 Paint Shop.  “In addition to our commitment to environmentally responsible painting, it is also important to satisfy customers’ requirements for gloss, thickness and cleanliness of paint.”
Airbus uses Chromate-free paint for primer, intermediate and top coats for its A380 jetliner, which reduces the process’ environmental footprint. In addition, Airbus also utilises electrostatic pistols to minimise paint mist and used air is cleaned and washed through a multi-stage process to ensure paint particles are disposed separately.
A380 jetliners are painted at Airbus’ Hamburg location in two specially-built hangars – each more than 22,000 square metres – along with separate facilities for painting and handling the vertical tailplane.
The entire A380 painting process takes approximately 10-14 days – including aircraft preparation – with some 650 kg. of paint used to cover the A380’s more than 3,100-square-metre surface area.
Flight Demo - Saturday A380

Taking part in the Farnborough International Airshow’s flight presentations is Airbus’ 21st century flagship A380

Lanzado con éxito el satélite radar PAZ construido por Airbus

Lancement réussi pour le satellite radar PAZ d’Airbus

Airbus-Radarsatellit PAZ erfolgreich gestartet

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