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20 June 2013
Commercial Aircraft

Airbus’ A330-200F: Tailored for the cargo market’s needs, today and tomorrow

A330-200F PW AIRBUS V02 300dpi
With the A330-200F now in service with major operators around the world, this modern mid-sized freighter is flying a wide variety of freight – including such unique loads as live baby whales – to destinations on all continents.
“The A330-200F’s unique flexibility is proving itself in fulfilling market demand,” said Cyrille Picard, Airbus Freighter Marketing Manager. “This aircraft helps operators optimize load factors because it is easier to adapt capacity to demand with a mid-sized freighter.”
Picard noted the in-service success of this latest-generation freighter aircraft is validated by its more than 99.6 per cent overall reliability rate, with some operators flying individual aircraft more than 400 hours per month – which equates to nearly 14 hours per day.
The freighter has hauled an impressive lineup of cargo – ranging from standard industry pallets to high-value consumer goods, large equipment, perishable items, and even live animals. Picard highlighted A330-200F missions where the aircraft has carried white whales and walruses for Turkish Cargo, horses for Etihad Cargo and perishable flowers and food for Tampa Cargo.
The mid-sized Airbus freighter shares more than 95-per cent commonality with other versions in A330 Family, and Picard said most A330-200F operators are taking advantage of this by using their pool of pilots to fly both the passenger and freighter versions.  For a pilot already qualified on the passenger variant, only computer-based training is required in transitioning to the all-cargo version.
In service since 2010, the A330-200F has the capability of carrying a 70-ton payload up to 4,000 nm, while efficiently serving long-haul and regional cargo missions around the world. 
A330-200F PW AIRBUS V02 300dpi

Airbus A330-200F in flight with PW engines. The right aircraft, right now.

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