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16 May 2011
Commercial Aircraft

A fresh look and identity for Airbus business and VIP aircraft


Airbus’ line of corporate jets has marked a new evolution with today’s introduction of updated branding, colours and nomenclature for these aircraft – which offer unmatched comfort, space and cabin flexibility.

Announced in advance of this week’s Annual European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland, the branding “refresh” provides a uniform new-generation aesthetic for the company’s business and VIP jets, and reinforces high commonality with the modern Airbus airliners on which each are based.
The new branding is reflected by the updated naming system employed for Airbus corporate jets, with “Airbus ACJ” now preceding the model it is derived from. For example, a 21st century flagship A380 ordered for corporate, VIP or government transport will carry the “Airbus ACJ380” designation.
Due to their strong ties with the world’s most modern airliner family, Airbus business aircraft continue to deliver all of the benefits modern technology has to offer – including fuel-saving aerodynamics, the use of innovative weight-saving materials and centralised maintenance.
Beyond the new designations, Airbus corporate aircraft also will stand out from the crowd with a fresh design and colour scheme – highlighted by metallic-blue shading on a majority of an aircraft’s fuselage and tail sections, and pulled together with distinctive flowing curves and an all-new “Airbus Corporate Jets” logo.
Airbus corporate jets are increasingly becoming the preferred choice of companies, individuals and governments, with more than 170 sold worldwide – comprising more than 110 ACJ318s, ACJ319s and ACJ320s, along with approximately 60 VIP and government widebodies.  Aircraft currently in service are operation around the world and on every continent, including Antarctica. 
This global success will be a focal point of Airbus’ high-profile presence at the three-day EBACE 2011 industry event, which begins on May 17.

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