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28 August 2009
Commercial Aircraft

The A320 Family looks to its future as the 4,000th aircraft is delivered


<br />Airbus&#039; Chinese final assembly line is ready to meet the country&#039;s single-aisle jetliner demand

Airbus' delivery of its 4,000th A320 Family aircraft marks another milestone in the career of the single-aisle jetliner product line of choice for operators worldwide.

Since its revenue service introduction in 1988, the A320 Family has become a common sight in the skies around the globe - operating in conditions that range from high-altitude airports to the frozen climate of the Antarctic.

The A320 Family development represents Airbus' overall approach to the evolution of its jetliner inventory: combining the best in new technology, design and systems to create highly efficient aircraft that respond to operators' most demanding requirements.

To date, over 6,400 A320 Family aircraft have been sold to more than 220 customers, making it the world's best-selling commercial jetliner ever.

The family - which is composed of the A318, A319, A320 and A321 - is a favourite of low-cost airlines worldwide because of its high efficiency, capacity and fast airport turn-around time. Mainline carriers choose the aircraft for its comfort, range and operational flexibility - as pilots and cabin crews can easily switch between the various models using Airbus' family commonality concept. A growing number of VIP and governments have acquired Airbus Corporate Jetliner versions because of their spacious interior, versatility and reliability.

Due to its popularity, the A320 Family aircraft's production output remains at a high rate, with jetliners currently being built on assembly lines in Germany, France and China. The 4,000th aircraft was an A319 delivered from the German final assembly facility in Hamburg today, which was received by Brazilian flag carrier TAM.

A320 Family aircraft will remain highly capable and competitive for many years to come, as Airbus continues to introduce innovations for a jetliner that always has been ahead of its time.

"We are continuously working on improvements - reductions in weight, new system developments, drag reduction and development of new cabin layouts to name but a few," said Daniel Baubil, the head of Airbus' A320 family programme. "All this calls for an extended future. We're all set for the next 4,000!"

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