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Upgrade Services help airbus airline operators keep pace with market trends

10 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus is committed to offering products and services that allow its jetliners to remain competitive and profitable well after they are delivered to customers.

With the steady increase in technology available during recent years, today’s aircraft are more refined in terms of cabin outfitting, electronics and other features than airliners of just a decade ago. With this in mind, Airbus offers the hardware and expertise needed to perform cabin upgrades for airlines, leasing companies, freight operators and corporate jet owners – allowing them to establishing individual brand identities, adapt to market trends and fulfill passenger expectations. 

The Airbus Customer Services department offers various cabin interior upgrades and enhancements, including high-speed satellite communications, replacement of older passenger video systems with lighter-weight liquid crystal displays, as well as overhauling cabin seating layouts or illumination systems.

Among the numerous airlines that have taken advantage of these services are a majority of the current A380 operators – including Qantas, in contracting for a new cabin configuration; and Emirates, in upgrading the connectivity options of its fleet.


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