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SPICE galley system shows potential to become the new standard

SPICE galley system shows potential to become the new standard

Airbus' innovative galley concept earned positive feedback from airline representatives during recent focus groups, underscoring the SPICE system's simplicity, efficiency and cost advantages.

12 January 2010 Feature story

Airbus' SPace Innovative Catering Equipment (SPICE) galley concept received high marks from airline representatives during a recent demonstration of the new system in Hamburg, Germany.

This functional but attractive galley organisation - which is lighter‚ simpler‚ more ergonomic and consumes less space than conventional systems - received excellent feedback from the delegation, which participated in two focus groups.

SPICE's core elements include foldable service carts, box modules, and a transfer table that slides across the front of the galley on runners. This labour-saving innovation allows for safer, easier transport of heavy boxes, as well as more efficient use of storage space. The boxes - made of plastic‚ light alloys or cardboard - then disappear behind sliding doors.

Airbus' new galley system offers multiple advantages for airlines, including more room for passengers‚ less weight‚ and lower costs for cabin service.

Customers at the demonstration even proposed an "open industrial standard" whereby the SPICE concept could be installed on competitors' aircraft.


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