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“Seating” is believing: Airbus’ comfort standard comes to life in Singapore

13 February 2014 Feature story

Airbus’ seat-width demonstrator at this week’s Singapore Airshow is providing visitors with increased awareness on passenger well-being aloft.

Underscoring the superior level of comfort offered in all Airbus products, the “Airbus Comfort Zone” at the air show features a full-scale cabin mockup with an economy class section, where visitors can feel the difference between the Airbus-standard 18-inch wide seat – the modern comfort baseline for long-haul – and the 1950s-era 17-inch industry norm.

The demonstrator includes four seat rows – two with18-inch wide seats, and the other rows containing 17-inch-wide seats. Visitors can compare the seats, experiencing first-hand the benefits of Airbus’ 18-inch comfort standard.

“With our comfort zone demonstrator at Singapore, people can really feel the difference with the additional inch of width,” explained Claire Thomas, Aircraft Interiors Marketing Analyst – Customer Affairs. “During long-haul flights in economy class, this extra width offers more room for passengers to move and adjust their position – what we call ‘dynamic’ seating, as well as enabling increased personal space, both of which are critical factors to comfort. Research has shown that one additional inch of seat width is equivalent to as much as two inches of spacing between seat rows in terms of passenger comfort.”

Research confirms that seat width is the key driver of seat comfort, which is demonstrated by the increasing numbers of airlines that are making information on their seat width dimensions available to passengers.

Visitors to the Airbus’ comfort zone at Singapore now understand why.


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