New technical enhancements are available on Airbus Corporate Jets | Airbus Press release
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New technical enhancements are available on Airbus Corporate Jets

Airbus Corporate Jets are benefitting from technology enhancements applied to the company’s product line of commercial airliners, further enhancing their performance, operational flexibility and safety.

24 October 2013 Feature story

Among the latest enhancements are the introduction of Sharklets, which are now in service on the single-aisle A320 Family and have been delivered for the first time on an ACJ319 corporate jet to a private customer.  These distinctive wingtip devices provide up to four per cent overall fuel burn savings, increasing the ACJ319’s range to 6,200 nautical miles.

“This continues a very long tradition of innovation in aerodynamics at Airbus, which includes the use of wingtip fence-type devices from the early production A320s,” explained David Velupillai, the Director of Marketing for Airbus Executive and Private Aviation, during a briefing at this week’s NBAA 2013 business aviation convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also available on Airbus Corporate Jets is the Runway Overrun Prevention System (ROPS), which increases pilots’ situational awareness during landing and reduces exposure to runway excursion risk – providing active protection if necessary.  The on-board cockpit technology was pioneered by Airbus and first entered service on the A380 jetliner.

The Airbus-patented ROPS assists flight crews in making decisions on go-around maneuvers if necessary during an approach to landing, and also assists crews in the timely application of stopping means on runway touchdown.


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