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Innovation and technology are focus of Airbus’ stand

Innovation has long been a key contributor to Airbus’ worldwide success in the commercial jetliner marketplace. At this year’s Farnborough Airshow, the company also is using innovative techniques on its exhibit stand to highlight the advantages of its next-generation A350 XWB and to demonstrate the company’s vision for the future of aviation.

16 July 2008

The centrepiece of Airbus’ indoor Farnborough display (Hall 4, Stand G15) is an interactive display that literally makes an inanimate brochure on the A350 XWB come alive for air show visitors. This display concept utilises real-time advanced reality technology to transform a six-page A350 XWB brochure into an interactive tool that underscores the efficiency offered by Airbus’ new family of twin-engine aircraft. 

When the A350 XWB brochure is placed on a pedestal at the exhibit stand, its cover image becomes an animated video of the new jetliner in flight. On the brochure’s inside pages, a touch of the finger transforms descriptive text and static photos into three-dimensional imagery – with the use of interactivity, plus a combination of images and video, to highlight key features of the aircraft’s new fuselage, cabin, wings and cockpit. 

Also included on the Farnborough Airshow exhibit stand is a touch-screen display that enables visitors to learn more about Airbus’ vision for the future. Subjects available on the touch-screen include next-generation aircraft concepts and the pursuit of alternative fuels for commercial airline operations. 

Another display on the exhibit stand provides an overview of Airbus’ pioneering efforts to develop responsible, eco-efficient dismantling and recycling methods for aircraft that are retired at the end of their useful life. It details the experience gained through the dismantling of an A300 in the PAMELA Life programme – which demonstrated that 85 per cent of the aircraft’s weight can be recovered for reuse, of which 75 per cent can be reprocessed with high enough quality for aerospace applications. 

A new PAMELA effort is now underway, utilising the A380 static test airframe to examine dismantling best practices for this newest operational Airbus jetliner. In addition to traditional aircraft materials, the A380 PAMELA project is focussing on recycling of airframe components made with composites.


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