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Hamburg event proves it pays to save energy at Airbus

Hamburg event proves it pays to save energy at Airbus

Energy Days at Airbus’ Hamburg, Germany site promoted the responsible use of electrical power with simple suggestions, new ideas and unique devices.

5 November 2009 Feature story

This year’s Energy Days event at Airbus’ Hamburg, Germany site highlighted a range of energy-saving initiatives at the facility, from exploring renewable energy sources to reminding employees to turn off lights in unused rooms. 

The goal of the 3-4 November event was to increase awareness about the importance of reducing energy consumption, and encourage employees to apply the same energy efficiency practices in the office as they do at home. 

On display during Energy Days was the combined heat and power (CHP) unit, an Airbus project that will cover some 12 per cent of energy requirements and 18 per cent of heat requirements at the Hamburg location, supplying 2‚000 kilowatts of electrical energy. 

The electric power and heat produced by this unit will be consumed in full on site. With CO2 credits earned by highly efficient power production‚ the plant at the Hamburg site will save over 4‚000 tonnes a year in the CO2 balance. 

A highlight of Energy Days was ELMOTO‚ a light electric motorcycle that operates noiselessly and without exhaust gases. Attendees also were able to see a smaller version of the CHP unit, which is tailored for household use.

The Hamburg event also promoted the importance of employee feedback in optimising energy management at Airbus.


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