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From the A300 to A380: THAI’s successful 35-year relationship with Airbus

27 September 2012 Feature story

Today’s delivery of the first A380 for Thai Airways International (THAI) continues a long relationship that began with its acquisition of Airbus’ cornerstone A300, and has since encompassed aircraft from across the jetliner family.

“This relationship dates all the way back to 1977 when THAI became one of our earliest customers, placing its first order for the original A300 series,” explained Kiran Rao, the Airbus Executive Vice President for Sales & Marketing. 

Since then, THAI has operated a full range of aircraft from Airbus’ product line: the A300, A310, A330 and A340, followed recently by the A320.  In addition to now expanding its operational lineup with the first of six A380s on order, THAI also is a customer for future deliveries of Airbus’ A350 XWB, which is entering production.

“The airline has not only proven to be one of our most loyal customers, but also is one of the most successful operators of our aircraft – achieving consistently high levels of technical reliability,” Rao said during a speech at today’s A380 handover ceremony.

With its current inventory, THAI’s operational reliability remains above the other worldwide fleets of A300-600s, A340-500/A340-600s, and A330s.


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