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Airbus Corporate Jet Centre delivers first ACJ319 VVIP cabin with full HD

Airbus Corporate Jet Centre delivers first ACJ319 VVIP cabin with full HD

Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC), the specialist in Airbus Corporate Jet VIP cabin completion and customised nose-to-tail services, has delivered its ninth cabin to an undisclosed customer in Eastern Europe. This Airbus ACJ319 cabin is the first offering the highest image quality with a full HD system based on the latest HDMI® (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) standard, from local sources to displays.

9 December 2011

The showpiece of this luxurious cabin is a 52" rotating screen installed in a cinema lounge.Based on an ingenious system, this full HD widescreen can be adjusted on a 40 degreesaxis, offering the best visibility to passengers comfortably seated in the two club armchairsand the two large sofas of this area. This cosy corner is completed by a large, illuminateddisplay-cabinet with decorative trim, dedicated to crockery storage on one side and books onthe other.

At the front, the very wide and tall Airbus ACJ319 cabin features a magnificent dining areawith six impressive seats with backrests inlaid with wood sculpture, and a round table madeof exotic-wood marquetry. At the back, a luxury bedroom adjoins a large and elegant en suitebathroom, equipped with full-height shower.

Designed in a lavish "French Empire" style, the cabin features an extensive combination ofmagnificent monuments decorated with gold leaves and antique mouldings, both electricallyand mechanically actuated elegant seats, and a one of a kind hand-crafted carpet decoratedwith ornaments in relief.

VIP travellers will also enjoy the latest technologies based on local touch-screen and padremote-controls, plus advanced passenger entertainment and communications - including acustomised PFIS (Passenger Flight Information System), internet connection and multihandsetconference-call capability.

In addition, in private areas such as cinema lounge and bedroom, they will be the first ACJpassengers to enjoy the best in the kind of image quality that they have at home.

"ACJC's research and co-operation with innovative partners has led to a customised offer inthe VIP cabin in-flight high-definition market. As far as I know, ACJC is the only one to offer areal full-HD system based on an HDMI® wiring network with 1080p image broadcast. Thisallows us to propose the latest and highest image-quality standard on the market. TheHDMI® standard, thanks to its protocol, is the best current solution able to maintain the initialHD video quality," says Benoit Defforge, Chief Executive Officer of the Airbus Corporate JetCentre.

"By bringing today's latest ground-based standards into the air and offering the highestquality of finish on this new ACJ cabin, ACJC has meet our customer's demandingrequirements. It confirms our leading place in innovation and excellence in the Airbuscorporate jet market," concludes Defforge.

Over the last three years, ACJC has already completed and delivered nine VIP cabins and has


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