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Airbus Corporate Jet Centre consolidates its leading position in innovation and excellence with the delivery of its 10th VIP cabin

Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC), the specialist in Airbus Corporate Jet VIP cabin completion and customised nose-to-tail services, has delivered its tenth cabin to an undisclosed customer in Europe. Further to the successful delivery in December of its ninth cabin – the first one to offer the highest image quality on ACJ market with a full HD system – ACJC continues innovating by delivering a VIP cabin packed with state- of-the-art connectivity and telephony.

8 February 2012

Featuring a contemporary design, the cabin welcomes passengers with a 1.8m high one-of- a-kind metallic artwork masterpiece embedded in the entrance partition. The majesty of the interior is emphasised by a wide and large lounge & dining area featuring a 6m square dome, an L-shape divan, two VIP club seats, a large sideboard and a dining table surrounded by a divan and three VIP seats.

At the front, a cosy bedroom offers an ingenious system based on two movable beds with storage, providing either two single-beds or a double-bed. The bedroom is complemented by a large and elegant bathroom, equipped with a full-height shower.

With an aft section including twelve fully flat, electrically actuated, cocoon seats, each equipped with 15” video screen, the wide and tall cabin Airbus ACJ319 can carry up to 18 passengers.

The latest ACJC research & development success in this cabin is the brand new telephony system, offering top quality sound in flight with Wi-Fi handsets. This aircraft is also the first “green” ACJ319 offering state-of-the-art connectivity based on a complete SBB (Swift Broadband) Satcom solution.

In terms of In-Flight Entertainment systems, as with the former one, the cabin includes a high definition video system based on HDMI® (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) wiring, allowing passengers to enjoy the highest quality 1080p image in VIP zones, as in the forward lounge displaying a 52” full HD screen.

As with the other cabins previously created by ACJC, this one is among the quietest on the ACJ market. But it is also one of the lightest ones, thanks to a cabin weight-saving plan performed by the ACJC team, thus providing extended range for long routes.

“Our latest cabin reaches another innovative target with a new telephony system that provides some of the best sound ever heard aboard an Airbus Corporate Jet, highlighting that we go further to propose to our VIP customers the best comfort associated with the latest entertainment and connectivity systems technology,” says Benoit Defforge, Chief Executive Officer of the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre.


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