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Abu Dhabi’s ADAT implements RFID solution developed with Airbus Consulting

Airbus Consulting together with the Airbus in-house RFID (radio-frequency identification) centre of competence has worked with Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT), a leading maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider in the Middle East, to deploy an innovative RFID visibility solution to reduce the turnaround-time of component repairs for all of ADAT’s customers.

7 May 2014 Feature story

The project resulted in a customized component tracking system to provide a robust audit trail, real-time process visibility of the work in progress, reduced turnaround times and enhanced shop-floor productivity.

This undertaking marks one of the first deployments of an RFID visibility solution for an MRO component repair facility. 

As part of the project, Airbus identified the domains where RFID technology could bring the best value. A second phase permitted delivering a customized RFID solution design. The last step consisted in development and implementation of this solution. 


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