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A major presence: Asiana Airlines’ initial A380 underscores the jetliner’s key role in the Asia-Pacific region

23 May 2014 Feature story

With its unrivalled capabilities, the double-deck A380 jetliner has become a true star in Asia-Pacific, underscored once again with today’s delivery of South Korea-based Asiana Airlines’ first A380 aircraft.

This 21st century Airbus flagship has become an aircraft of choice for the region’s operators, meeting Asia’s strong air traffic growth and efficiently increasing capacity, particularly at its busy international airports.  Globally, approximately two-thirds of the aircraft’s capacity is deployed to, from or within the Asia-Pacific region.

Airbus’ Head of A380 Marketing Antonio Da Costa noted the A380 will continue to play an essential role in Asia-Pacific, which is expected by 2032 to contain some 30 percent of the world’s aviation “mega cities” – airports which service more than 10,000 long-haul passengers daily.

“With the jetliner’s 525-passenger capacity in a comfortable three-class layout and its superior operating economics, the A380 is the ideal aircraft for profitable growth in this dynamic region,” he said.

According to its latest Global Market Forecast, Airbus projects that nearly 40 per cent of the demand for very large aircraft in the next 20 years will come from the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for some 620 jetliners. 


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