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Dubai 2005 Airshow

Claude Lelaie
Senior vice president flight division

A380 pilot Claude Lelaie has been Airbus senior vice president flight division since 1994. As an experimental test pilot, he has been closely involved in the flight testing and development of new aircraft and performed the first flight of the A319, the A340-600 and the A380 last April. Overall, he has accumulated more than 14,000 flight hours on about 200 aircraft types, including some 7,500 hours of flight tests.

He also used to lead an aerobatic flight team, Les Porthos, who performed flight displays in Europe and the US, and is teaching aerodynamics and spin testing at l’Ecole du Personnel Navigant d’Essais et de Réception (EPNER). Claude was born in France in 1946.

Jacky Joye
Flight test engineer

Jacky Joye has been a flight test engineer with Airbus’ flight test division since joining the company in 1983. During his career at Airbus, he has been involved in all aircraft programmes including those of the A310, A300-600, A320, A340 and A330.

In addition, being an engine specialist, he has conducted all flying test bed exercises performed at Airbus with new engine types and, in that role, participated in the maiden flights of the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and Rolls-Royce Trent engines. Jacky Joye has also accumulated some 5,000 hours of flying and has been part of the flight team for the first flight of the A330 in 1993, A340-600 in 2001 and the A380 in 2005.
Jacky Joye was born in France in 1945.

Pascal Verneau
Test flight engineer

Pascal Verneau started his careers in flight tests in 1993. He joined Airbus and the flight test division in 1999. In that position, he participated in the development tests of the A340-600 then became aircraft manager for the second flying A380.

Pascal Verneau has accumulated more than 6,000 flight hours on more than 80 different aircraft types and helicopters. Since the beginning of the A380 certification campaign he has flown 200 hours on the A380. Pascal Verneau was born in France in 1962.

Harry Nelson
Experimental test pilot

A test pilot since 1974, Harry Nelson joined Airbus in 2000 as a reception pilot in Hamburg. Prior to this, he was head of the AIR training centre in Toulouse where he also opened the SBAC ( Society of British Aerospace Companies) office. In 2002, he joined the flight test team in Toulouse as Claude Lelaie’s deputy.

At 58, Harry Nelson, a British national, counts some 9000 flight hours on 75 different aircraft types, both military and commercial, now including the A380.

Matthieu Rouzeval
Flight test engineer

Matthieu Rouzeval joined Airbus in 1995 as an engineer working at the design office on quality and flight controls before being selected for an internal training to join the Airbus flight tests.

After qualifying with EPNER (French flight test school) as a flight test engineer, he started his flying career with acceptance flights before joining the team of Fernando Alonso for the A380 flight tests.

A young flight test engineer of 36, Matthieu, a French national, has flown only 350 flight hours, about 60 of which on the A380.Dubai is his first airshow.