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Malaysia Airlines provides first glimpse of A380 in new livery

8 March 2012 News in brief

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) today revealed the design and specifications for its new A380, featuring a bright new livery and luxurious cabin layout.

The aircraft will accommodate 494 passengers in a three class configuration, seating eight passengers in First Class, 66 in Business Class and 420 in Economy. All seats are fitted with the latest individual in-flight entertainement systems, USB ports and satellite telephone facilities.

MAS Group CHief Executive Office, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said, ' The A380 will showcase our latest premium offering in products and services. This will be our flagship aircraft to launch our exciting new levels of comfort, luxury and convenience in long haul travel'.

Altogether, MAS has order six A380s. The carrier is set to become the eighth operator of the aircraft when it begins commercial service with the type between Kuala Lumpur and London in July.

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The King of Spain becomes first head of state to fly in Airbus Military’ A400M

1 March 2012 News in brief

King Juan Carlos I of Spain has become the first head of state to fly in Airbus Military’s new-generation A400M military airlifter. With Airbus Chief Test Pilot Military Edward Strongman and Experimental Test Pilot Ignacio Lombo, the King of Spain made a local flight of some 40 minutes from the Torrejón base near Madrid. During the flight, the King – who is qualified as a military pilot – took control of the aircraft for 20 minutes at an altitude of around 10,000 ft. and performed a series of manoeuvres, including turns and a simulated delivery of humanitarian supplies.

Airbus Military A330 MRTTs fly in formation

28 February 2012 News in brief

Three A330 MRTTs (Multi Role Tanker Transports) destined for different customers recently completed a formation flight in the skies above Spain. The lead aircraft, located furthest from the camera in the accompanying photo (at left) will join the UK Royal Air Force, where it is to be known as Voyager as part of the Future Strategic Transport Aircraft (FSTA) programme; the middle aircraft is the original development example which eventually will enter service with the Royal Australian Air Force; and the aircraft nearest the camera is the second A330 MRTT for the United Arab Emirates air force.

First A400M for the French Air Force takes shape in Seville

14 February 2012 News in brief

The first Airbus Military A400M for the French Air Force is taking shape in Seville, Spain, where its final assembly line is located. The final assembly process for this aircraft started last November. The nose and fuselage are already integrated and the aircraft was recently moved, on its landing gear, to the workstation in which the structural assembly is carried out. Integration works for the wing started last week and both the horizontal and the vertical tailplanes, which have already been mated, have just been moved to the final assembly station, known as Station 40, with the rest of the aircraft. The A400M will then be powered up for the first time before the aircraft is moved to the Ground System Tests area.

A330 production rate is at an all-time high

A330 production rate is at an all-time high
25 January 2012 News in brief

The production of Airbus’ A330 reached a rate of nine per month in January, bringing the output of this popular twin-engine jetliner to a record rate in meeting international demand.  Assembly of the A330 is performed in Toulouse, France, with Airbus planning a further ramp-up to 9.5 aircraft monthly.  The A330 is operated in passenger and freighter versions, along with its use as a multi-role military aerial refueling platform and airlifter.  As of year-end 2011, Airbus had booked orders for 1,186 A330s, of which 837 had been delivered.

A350 XWB static test aircraft parts arrive at final assembly line in Toulouse

First A350 XWB parts arrive at final assembly line in Toulouse
23 December 2011 News in brief

Airbus has delivered the first major airframe section to the A350 XWB Final Assembly Line in Toulouse, France. The 21-metre-long front fuselage section, delivered from Airbus in Saint-Nazaire,  is destined to become part of the A350 XWB static test airframe.  Final assembly of this airframe will start during the first quarter 2012 when the front fuselage is joined with the centre fuselage. Final assembly start of the first “flyable” A350 XWB will follow in the second quarter 2012.

Innovative ideas bring Singaporean students to Airbus’ headquarters

Innovative ideas bring Singaporean students to Airbus’ headquarters
14 December 2011 News in brief

Six Singaporean students were given “VIP treatment” by Airbus earlier this month, with a visit to the company’s headquarters in Toulouse, France – which the group earned in September by winning first prizes in the island nation’s annual CREATE high school competition. Their trip included tours of the A330 and A380 final assembly lines in Toulouse, where they saw a Singapore Airlines A380 being prepared for delivery. The “CREATE” competition for 2011 was organised by the Singapore Economic Development Board with support from Airbus and Singapore Airlines, and focussed on green technology in aviation.

Airbus starts joining the A350 XWB "MSN1" front fuselage

Airbus starts joining the first A350 XWB front fuselage
9 December 2011 News in brief

Airbus has started joining the first 21-metre long front fuselage section for the A350 XWB in Saint-Nazaire, France. This phase will continue over the coming weeks, and once completed, the front fuselage will be transported by Beluga to the A350 XWB Final Assembly Line in Toulouse. It will be the first major section of the A350 XWB to enter the final assembly line. The front fuselage is destined for the A350 XWB static test airframe – the first A350 XWB to be assembled. It will be followed closely by the first “flyable” airframe for MSN1, one of the five flight test aircraft Airbus will build. The static airframe is used solely for ground tests that will demonstrate the aircraft’s ability to sustain certification loads and provide key data ahead of the first flight in 2013.

A beneficial change of scenery for Airbus’ Indian engineering centre

A beneficial change of scenery for Airbus’ Indian engineering centre
8 December 2011 News in brief

The Airbus Engineering Centre India (AECI) has relocated to a larger building within Bangalore, allowing for a consolidation of its teams into a single integrated facility and providing the necessary space for long-term growth over the next decade. The centre originally opened during April 2007, and its workforce has grown steadily since – with the total employee count now exceeding 250. The new building is certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and is located in an established area for international business.

Final assembly of first THAI A380 begins

Final assembly of first THAI A380 begins
23 November 2011 News in brief

Assembly of the first A380 for Thai Airways International (THAI) has now commenced at the Airbus Final Assembly Line in Toulouse. The final assembly process of an A380 is made up of several phases. At the first station, front, central, and aft fuselages, wings, horizontal and vertical tail planes (HTP and VTP) are assembled. The aircraft is then moved to the second station where general tests on electric/hydraulic systems, mobile parts and landing gears are carried out, while engines also are installed. During the third phase, final ground and first engines tests take place in dedicated facilities outside of the main building. Finally, the A380 is prepared for its first flight to the Airbus facilities in Hamburg, where the cabin will be installed and the aircraft painted in the airline’s livery. THAI will become the ninth operator of the A380 when it takes delivery of its first aircraft in the third quarter of 2012. The airline has firm orders for six A380s and will operate the aircraft on its premier routes from Bangkok to Europe.



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