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President and CEO Tom Enders outlines the Airbus vision

28 October 2008 Feature story

Speaking at the 10th Nikkei Global Management Forum in Japan, Airbus' top executive said the company's focus continues to be creating the world's best aircraft and remaining a top supplier to the global air transport industry.

New fibre placement machine tested in Nantes

2 September 2008 Feature story

A research project between Airbus' Nantes site, Forest-Liné and Coriolis has developed new machinery to produce complex aircraft structures in composite material.

Opening a new transport route to China

2 September 2008 Feature story

Airbus' new final assembly line in Tianjin, China marked a major milestone this summer with the arrival of its first aircraft sections.

The first A330-200F begins production

10 July 2008 Feature story

Fuselage sections and other parts for the new A330-200F freighter aircraft are now taking shape throughout Airbus' production network.

Wind tunnel testing assists in the A350 XWB's development

9 July 2008 Feature story

Wind tunnel testing for the new A350 XWB is generating gigabytes of data each week as this new Airbus jetliner continues its development.

Singapore Airlines takes delivery of its fifth A380

30 June 2008 Feature story

Airbus has delivered Singapore Airlines' fifth A380, which will allow the operator to replace more of its B747-400 flights on the Singapore-London route and create the first commercial A380 services to Beijing, China as passenger traffic increases leading up to the Olympic Games.

Germany's aircraft fleet will more than double over the coming 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

According to Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast, the German airliner and freighter fleet is expected to grow from over 500 aircraft in operation in 2006 to more than 1,100 by 2026. This growth represents a need for some 900 new commercial transports at a market value of US$109 billion.

Mainland China's passenger aircraft fleet will triple in the coming 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

Airbus predicts that the Chinese Mainland will need approximately 2,800 new passenger aircraft over the 20-year period covered by the company's latest Global Market Forecast - including 190 very large aircraft, such as the A380.

Airbus foresees a sustained demand for new passenger aircraft in the Nordic countries during the next two decades

17 June 2008 Feature story

Growing aviation mobility demand and the need more for eco-efficient aircraft will drive the Nordic countries toward the acquisition of 436 new passenger aircraft in the coming 20 years, according to Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast.

Airbus predicts Spanish air travel expansion will continue

17 June 2008 Feature story

The Spanish aviation industry is expected to nearly triple in size over the coming 20 years, which will create a demand for 415 new passenger aircraft with a combined total value of $45 billion, according to Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast.




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