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Strong traffic growth to boost Brazillian passenger aircraft demand

17 June 2008 Feature story

To meet the demand created by traffic growth and the need for replacement aircraft, Airbus' latest Global Market Forecast predicts that Brazilian airlines will acquire more than 330 passenger airliners over the coming 20 years, representing an approximate value of $32 billion.

Mexico needs almost 500 passenger airliners in the next 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

In the 20-year period covered by its latest Global Market Forecast, Airbus foresees a demand among Mexican airlines for nearly 500 passenger aircraft with 100 seats or more - a figure which represents one third of all aircraft acquisitions by the Latin American market over that period.

Passenger traffic growth will drive Central Europe to acquire 460 new aircraft in the coming 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

Airbus's latest Global Market Forecast predicts that the Central European market will need 460 new passenger aircraft over the next 20 years - driven in part by increased traffic and a large replacement opportunity.

Argentina needs more than 100 aircraft in next 20 years

17 June 2008 Feature story

In its latest Global Market Forecast, Airbus predicts that strong passenger growth will lead Argentine carriers to acquire at least 100 passenger aircraft with 100 seats or more over the coming two decades.

Airbus Organises Forum on Aviation and the Environment

10 June 2008 Feature story

The Airbus Forum on Aviation and the Environment brought together top representatives from airlines, airports, local governmental organisations, academia and the media for presentations and discussions at Narita, Japan.

Industrial cooperation: Polish industry contributes to all Airbus programmes

4 June 2008 Feature story

Poland has been a key component in Airbus' aircraft production since 1997, applying their expertise on a wide range of the European aircraft manufacturer's programmes, including the A380 and A320. This cooperation is constantly expanding, with Airbus continuing to serve as one of the Polis...

A new partnership with South Africa on computer-based simulation for next-generation aircraft

14 April 2008 Feature story

South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has become part of Airbus' global research and technology network, joining an effort to develop new computer-based simulation processes that will enhance the design process for future aircraft.

Airbus showcases new its A350 XWB cabin and unveils a new galley concept

3 April 2008 Feature story

The future of aircraft cabins has been unveiled by Airbus, which exhibited the interior layout for its new A350 XWB jetliner and showed an innovative galley concept at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

Progress continues towards the first flight of Airbus' new A400M military airlifter

3 April 2008 Feature story

With A400M's first flight scheduled for this year, the programme for this multi-mission transport is making steady progress. Ground system and load testing is underway on aircraft MSN001, while the powerful TP400-D6 turboprop engine is being readied for its own aerial evaluations.

A single sky for Europe

24 March 2008 Feature story

The definition phase of SESAR (Single European Sky Air Traffic Management System Research) is nearing completion under the direction of an Airbus-led effort. Its objective is to develop a new air traffic management system for Europe, reducing or eliminating bottlenecks that could effect European ai...


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