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Airbus supports new flight training school in Vietnam

13 March 2009 Feature story

Reflecting its commitment to support the development of Vietnam's aerospace industry, Airbus is joining forces with Vietnam Airlines - as well as various national companies and France's ESMA Aviation Academy - to assist the development of pilot training in the country.

First wingset is produced for the UK Royal Air Force's fleet of A330-based aerial tankers

12 March 2009 Feature story

The initial wingset for the UK Royal Air Force's fleet of A330-based Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) has been built by Airbus at its Broughton, England facility. Once outfitted with their control surfaces in Germany, the wings will be sent to the Airbus final assembly line in Toulouse, ...

Airbus at the IATA World Cargo Symposium

6 March 2009 Feature story

Airbus' latest generation mid-size freighter aircraft, the A330-200F, was showcased as a capable, flexible and economical air cargo solution at the International Air Transport Association's World Cargo Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Productivity to improve with the consolidation of Airbus' transport and logistics networks

17 February 2009 Feature story

A consolidation of providers and services in the transportation and logistics sectors should yield significant improvements in Airbus productivity. As part of this effort, a streamlined network of six major hubs will be established in Europe.

A new role for the A320 Family: small freighters for the worldwide express cargo market

5 February 2009 Feature story

The development of P2F (passenger-to-freighter) versions of Airbus' A320 and A321 is progressing under the management of a multi-national joint venture, with the first aircraft's conversion process targeted for 2011.

A new ship enters service for the conveyance of large A380 airframe components

2 February 2009 Feature story

The City of Hamburg roll-on/roll-off vessel has entered service for the transportation of A380 fuselage sections and wings. It expands the support capabilities for Airbus' A380 production network, and will be joined by another ship later this year.

Seoul, Korea to become a new A380 destination this year with Emirates

29 January 2009 Feature story

The A380 will become a familiar site in South Korea starting later this year when Emirates introduces service from its home base of Dubai to Seoul. These flights are timed to coincide with 2010's Visit Korea Year activities.

Japanese business executives endorse the A380 in newspaper advertisements

21 January 2009 Feature story

A series of four Japanese newspaper advertisements provided first-hand endorsements of the A380 by executives who have flown aboard the 21st century Airbus flagship aircraft.

The A400M military airlifter's TP4000 turboprop engine takes flight

8 January 2009 Feature story

Initial flight evaluations with the TP400 engine for Airbus Military's A400M multi-role military airlifter are now underway on a test-bed aircraft.

Student teams prepare for Round 2 of the Airbus "Fly Your Ideas" competition

29 December 2008 Feature story

Round 2 of the Airbus "Fly Your Ideas" challenge will begin on 1 January, with the 86 selected student teams working on proposals that offer potential new eco-efficient ideas for the aviation industry.



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