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Airbus’ A340 being used for testing volcanic ash detection system

12 July 2012 Feature story

New equipment to detect atmospheric volcanic ash is being flown on Airbus’ A340-300 testbed aircraft, demonstrating sensor technology that could help airliners avoid potentially hazardous encounters with plumes created when volcanoes erupt.

This testing began on 4 July, and is the result of a teami...

The A380 arrives at Farnborough with its message of love

12 July 2012 Feature story

This week’s Farnborough Airshow became the modern day version of an aviation industry love-in, as Airbus’ development A380 aircraft arrived with its “Love at first flight” message.

Touching down on Farnborough Airport’s main runway at 8:15 a.m., the aircraft now becomes part of Airbus’ presence at ...

Key airline routes see double, triple, and more daily services with the A380

11 July 2012 Feature story

The A380’s commercial and operational success is spurring airlines to schedule multiple daily flights – in some cases three, four, five or even six frequencies – on key routes with the Airbus flagship jetliner.

An example is the A380 deployment strategy at Emirates, which is the largest operator to...

A Farnborough Airshow focus for Airbus: future engineers and the engineers of the future

11 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus is utilising this week’s Farnborough International Airshow to promote its broad range of employment opportunities as the company seeks to hire some 4,000 new recruits in 2012. 

Ensuring diversity within the ranks of these new hires is one priority, with approximately 40 per cent of the ...

A fast-growing Chinese leasing company builds its future with Airbus

11 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus jetliners are to become a significant portion of the China Aircraft Leasing Company’s (CALC) portfolio based on this Hong Kong-based company’s latest commercial commitment, signed today at the Farnborough Airshow.

During a morning press conference, a memorandum of understanding was inked for...

Supplier performance is recognised for companies that provide the “puzzle pieces” for Airbus aircraft

11 July 2012 Feature story

The construction of an Airbus aircraft is much like putting together a puzzle, according to Didier Lux, Executive Vice President - Customer Services.  Each of the countless pieces is crucial, he explains, and all must fit perfectly for everything to come together in meeting the high standards f...

Airbus’ fuel-efficiency “hunter” comes to the Farnborough Airshow

11 July 2012 Feature story

A sleek new aircraft profile was added to the Farnborough Airshow as Airbus’ first production A320 with fuel-saving Sharkets arrived for an appearance at the aerospace industry event.

With the words: “Hunting down fuel burned” emblazoned on its fuselage, the A320 joined the Malaysia Airlines A...

Upgrade Services help airbus airline operators keep pace with market trends

10 July 2012 Feature story

Airbus is committed to offering products and services that allow its jetliners to remain competitive and profitable well after they are delivered to customers.

With the steady increase in technology available during recent years, today’s aircraft are more refined in terms of cabin outfitting, elect...

Airbus’ new Ipad app brings the advantages of consumer electronics to the cockpit

10 July 2012 Feature story

For decades, airline pilots could be recognized by the well-worn leather flight bags they carried, which were filled with paper charts, printed maps and thick manuals.

This image is becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the efforts of Airbus and others in creating the “electronic flight bag” – in...

The “irresistible” A350-1000 receives a major boost from Cathay Pacific

10 July 2012 Feature story

Cathay Pacific gave a significant endorsement to the A350-1000 version of Airbus’ next–generation jetliner family today, announcing acquisition decisions that will make it the largest customer for this longest-fuselage version of the A350 XWB family.

During a Farnborough Airshow press conference, t...



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