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The A380 and A400M share the spotlight on FIDAE’s opening day

27 March 2012 Feature story

Airbus today kicked off its participation during the Latin American market’s largest air show, FIDAE (Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio) in Santiago de Chile – highlighted by an opening day flight presentation of the company’s 21st century flagship A380. 

The double-deck jetliner is b...

Air travel in Latin America to be boosted by a strong economy

26 March 2012 Feature story

Latin America’s dynamic economy is expected to create a tripling of the region’s air traffic during the next 20 years, driving the demand through 2030 for over 2,000 new aircraft with seating capacities of more than 100 passengers – according to the Airbus Global Market Forecast.

The A380’s Latin American tour debuts in a key market for Airbus aircraft

24 March 2012 Feature story

Brazil, which is welcoming the A380 demonstrator aircraft on the first stops of its Latin American tour this month, is a key country market for Airbus jetliners.

Latin America welcomes the A380 on a multi-city tour that mirrors another historic Airbus visit

22 March 2012 Feature story

This month’s A380 multi-city tour of Latin America comes nearly 40 years after the milestone visit by another revolutionary Airbus jetliner– the no. 1 A300, which made stopovers in Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico during September-October 1973.

Flying the world: A380s carry more than 1 million passengers every month

20 March 2012 Feature story

The A380’s arrival in Latin America this week for a multi-country demonstration tour comes as the 21st century Airbus flagship jetliner confirms its operational success with a growing in-service fleet worldwide.

Handover of the 80th Chinese-produced A320 Family jetliner

16 March 2012 Feature story

Airbus today delivered the 80th aircraft produced on its A320 Family final assembly line in Tianjin, China, further underscoring continued success of the company’s globalisation strategy. 

The milestone jetliner was received by carrier Air China, which operates one of the largest A320 Family f...

Fuel savings measures are validated in three projects with Airbus involvement

9 March 2012 Feature story

Three Airbus-supported projects in the Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions (AIRE) have demonstrated how improved ground operations and air traffic management procedures can contribute to reductions in fuel consumption for the air transport industry.

Lufthansa A321 passenger flights demonstrate the practicality of bio-fuels

6 March 2012 Feature story

The wide-reaching benefits of alternative aviation fuels were underscored in the world’s first long-term passenger service evaluations performed by Lufthansa using a bio-fuel/kerosene mix with an A321 jetliner, and supported by Airbus.

Airbus looks to meet industry demand for more complex aircraft liveries

5 March 2012 Feature story

As aircraft liveries trend toward bolder and more intricate designs, Airbus is advancing development of an innovative computer-based system for effectively “printing” complicated graphics directly onto an aircraft’s surface.

Airbus supports safer aircraft landings with ELISE

24 February 2012 Feature story

A new specialised consulting service offered by Airbus will help improve the safety of landing operations at airports around the world, leveraging the capabilities of its advanced ELISE (Exact Landing Interference Simulation Environment) software.




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