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Airbus’ “connected cockpit” supports improved pilot communications

3 December 2012 Feature story

An Airbus-developed cockpit system now reaching completion will provide pilots with better information and faster, richer dialogue with the ground, leveraging the potential of high-speed broadband satellite communications and the latest in tablet computer technology.

Airbus and DLR: maximising data on maximum lift performance

30 November 2012 Feature story

Accurately predicting maximum lift performance is a very important, though difficult, part of the aircraft design process, which is why Airbus has teamed with Germany’s DLR aeronautical research specialists for a pair of flight test campaigns aimed at generating richer supporting data in the future....

Airbus ProSky enters agreement to enhance flight operations in the Asia-Pacific region

26 November 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ air traffic management subsidiary, Airbus ProSky, will take a leading role in the growth of Singapore’s air transport sector through its newly-announced partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Quovadis takes the lead in establishing efficient approach procedures for two Canary Islands airports

12 November 2012 Feature story

The Airbus ProSky company Quovadis has been selected to head the design and validation of improved Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) landing approaches at two airports in Spain’s Canary Islands, leading to a wide range of operational and environmental benefits.

Airbus Corporate Foundation and Wichita United Way partner to offer youth mentoring program

25 October 2012 Feature story

As part of its commitment to inspiring students, the Airbus Corporate Foundation has teamed up with the United Way of the Plains to bring its Flying Challenge youth mentoring program to the U.S. for the first time.

A new A350 XWB production milestone: making way for METRO

25 October 2012 Feature story

Airbus’ first A350 XWB moved another step closer to its maiden takeoff with installation of this widebody jetliner’s 50-metre-long electrical harness for flight test measurements, which – together with 35 electrical cabinets – forms an advanced “supercomputer” known as METRO.

The A350 XWB: Efficient and “green” from the moment it takes shape

23 October 2012 Feature story

The A350 XWB is designed to provide highly efficient and eco-friendly service for its airline customers, and the new Airbus final assembly line that builds these aircraft has been developed with the same philosophy.

Located near its Toulouse, France headquarters, Airbus introduced many environmenta...

The A350 XWB’s engine shows early maturity during “hot” testing

9 October 2012 Feature story

The Trent XWB engine for Airbus’ widebody A350 XWB jetliner continues to demonstrate advanced maturity as this Rolls-Royce-built powerplant is put through its paces in the most thorough engine test programme to date.

From the A300 to A380: THAI’s successful 35-year relationship with Airbus

27 September 2012 Feature story

Today’s delivery of the first A380 for Thai Airways International (THAI) continues a long relationship that began with its acquisition of Airbus’ cornerstone A300, and has since encompassed aircraft from across the jetliner family.

“This relationship dates all the way back to 1977 when THAI became ...

The A380 is a true commercial aviation pioneer

27 September 2012 Feature story

In addition to introducing a totally new in-flight experience for passengers, the A380 also is a technology pioneer – bringing advances that have since been introduced on other members of Airbus’ jetliner family.

One such breakthrough is use of the Airbus-developed Brake to Vacate system that optim...



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