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Keeping its families of modern aircraft in the air is a key objective for Airbus, which places an emphasis on early detection of anomalies and effective resolution through enhanced maintenance processes.

AIRMAN (AIRcraft Maintenance ANalysis) is an intelligent application developed by Airbus to optimize the maintenance of aircraft. This software constantly monitors the health of an operator’s jetliners, and instantly advises if a fault or warning message is registered through its on-board maintenance system. All information collected automatically are transmitted to ground control via the aircraft’s communication system.

In addition to advising operators of technical problems, AIRMAN also provides access to the necessary information for resolving these situations quickly and efficiently with a single centralised interface screen.

AIRMAN is able to reduce troubleshooting time due to its advanced capabilities, allowing for early notification of aircraft events and rapid access to relevant documentation, while delivering details on the aircraft’s maintenance history and information on previous maintenance work performed.

The AIRMAN utility fully-leverages Airbus’ manufacturing expertise and in-service experience to provide on-target troubleshooting steps, which are prioritised to ensure that its first recommended task has the highest probability of rectifying the situation.


A key component of this maintenance system is Airbus’ AIRMAN Rep@ir Manager, which offers airlines a simple method to view and locate external non-conformities, and to record details of internal damage and repairs.

Developed by Airbus, the AIRMAN Rep@ir Manager’s objective is to ease structural damage reporting and to reduce the amount of time needed to assess damage and authorise an aircraft’s return to service. It allows a significantly-faster resolution lead-time, ensuring cost-effective repairs while improving overall aircraft availability.

When damage is identified, a user with valid access to the airline network and AIRMAN-Airline database can report the appropriate information through a guided interface.  This delivers the required information for damage evaluation and reports the necessary data to the airline Maintenance Control Centre (MCC) – or Airbus, if further investigation is required.


Did you know?

"In the last 40 years, the aviation industry has cut fuel burn and CO2 emissions by70%, NOx emissions by 90% and noise by 75%."

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