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Training & development

Airbus is committed to ensuring training and development is at the heart of its business, either within Airbus or in the wider community. What young people learn in their schools and communities, in universities and work experience, will shape the decisions they take about how they will channel their energy, ideas and ambitions in the future. Airbus believes it's important to open their minds to the world and to new experiences, because they are the people that will shape all of our futures.

Airbus identifies the skills and technologies that will be needed many years from now and works with education institutions and other organizations to see where we can use our own experience to support young people. It could be about lobbying governments for more investment in education, helping to ensure that students get the right sort of education for a career in engineering specialties that will be in demand in the future, or it could just be giving kids access to some of the most innovative thinkers in the world today to inspire them to do well in whatever they choose to do in their lives.

We hope that The Future by Airbus will help achieve all of these things. If today, we invest and nurture the talent of tomorrow, technology and innovation can make life better for all of us.



Did you know?

"We surveyed over 10,000 people around the world who will be passengers in 2050 to ask what they want from the aviation industry in the future.

Their message was clear – we need to help as many people as possible share in the benefits that air transport brings, but we need to achieve this while looking after the environment."

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