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Interaction Zone

A third of the people that took part in our global Passenger 2050 survey of 10,000 people said that they want the flight itself to feel like a holiday experience and to be able to access all the technological advances which fill their daily lives during the flight. In the future, technology and virtual reality will be seamlessly integrated with our normal lives, services will be individually tailored and environmental needs will be addressed in everything that we do. All of which will be just as true in the air as it is on the ground.

That seamless relationship between people and technology will be evident from the moment passengers' board via this zone. Touch sensitive panels will download the passenger profile and guide them through their bespoke experience.

Alongside this, the crew will ensure that everything runs smoothly and provide that all important human touch. While bars on aircraft are currently only found in certain parts of a few A380s, these will be much more common in the future, providing lively areas for people wishing to interact with their fellow travellers.

Intuitive technology will allow passengers to access all flight, destination and environmental information at the wave of a hand. Pop-up pods will offer more private spaces that can be used for anything from virtual business meetings or lectures to a romantic meal or reading a bedtime story to the kids back home, with global connectivity and holographic projections adapted to the needs of each user.

A virtual shopping wall will project clothes directly on to passengers and the virtual gaming wall will let tennis, baseball and even golf fans get in a bit of practice, while the more adventurous will be able to try out newer options like Airbus Fusion Ball game, which lets you play catch across the skyscrapers of New York or the peaks of the Himalayas!


Did you know?

"We surveyed over 10,000 people around the world who will be passengers in 2050 to ask what they want from the aviation industry in the future.

Their message was clear – we need to help as many people as possible share in the benefits that air transport brings, but we need to achieve this while looking after the environment."

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