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Voom joins Airbus Helicopters  

Voom joins Airbus Helicopters

On-demand helicopter booking platform to become part of the company’s services offering

Vahana completes first full-scale test flight  

Vahana completes first full-scale test flight

Future of electric flight  

Future of electric flight

Clean Sky 2  

Clean Sky 2

E-Fan X  

E-Fan X

Hybrid-electric flight demonstrator

Altiscope: Blueprints for the sky  

Altiscope: Blueprints for the sky

Shaping the future of aerospace

Innovation happens when great ideas, people, and challenges intersect. At Airbus, we make these intersections happen. The result: breakthrough innovations that positively impact the world, and ignite excitement and passion for aerospace. 


Join us.

Today's Airbus provides fertile ground for digital innovators. We welcome big data experts, augmented reality explorers and others to capitalise on our resources as a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. Looking for an exciting career? Look no further.

Innovation news

Voom joins Airbus Helicopters

Digitising maintenance for end-to-end continuity

Airbus opens commercial drone services in Asia-Pacific

Shaping the future of drone delivery

Vahana, the Self-Piloted, eVTOL aircraft from A³ by Airbus, Successfully Completes First Full-Scale Test Flight

Iron Bird Power On: CityAirbus reaches next milestone

Airbus and Williams Advanced Engineering team to explore technology collaboration

Redefining workmates

Virtual reality with real benefits

Areas of focus

We are at the cusp of a third revolution in flight. That’s why at Airbus, we are laser focused on specific research and development areas that are going to be the key drivers in shaping the future of aerospace and improving the way we live, travel, and interact. Here are a few.  


We’re pioneering electric technologies and flight.

Airbus, Rolls-Royce, and Siemens have formed a partnership which aims at developing a near-term flight demonstrator which will be a significant step forward in hybrid-electric propulsion for commercial aircraft.

Electric and hybrid-electric propulsion is the most promising technology to develop means of transportation with improved environmental performance that are less reliant on fossil fuels and use energy more efficiently. That’s why Airbus is investing heavily in research dedicated to developing all necessary technologies, and partnering with the best to make it a reality. 

We’re digitizing aerospace design, manufacturing, our products and services and even the sky.

In the last decade, virtual, augmented and mixed reality have become more mobile and easier to use than ever, freeing up potential to completely transform many areas.

Over the last 10 years, the pace of technological disruption has accelerated, drastically reducing the cost of products and services to make them more available to more people. We are embracing digital technologies to move from a hardware-focused approach to an integrated, problem-solving approach that connects software, hardware, and customer perspectives.

We’re determined to make urban air mobility a reality.

Vahana is one of two electric take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL) Airbus is currently developing to alleviate city congestion.

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population will be urban. The environmental impact of transporting so many people in traditional vehicles is overwhelming, with cities accounting for 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We simply have to find a better way to get around. We believe that adding the third dimension to multi-modal transportation networks in cities air will improve the way we live and how we get from A to B. That’s why we are working with partners on all areas of the mobility puzzle to make urban air mobility a safe reality. 

Fostering innovation

Through our global innovation centres, venture capital fund, and aerospace accelerators, we collaborate with the brightest minds across the globe to tackle big problems with novel insights to make the world a more connected, prosperous, and safer place.

By funding and supporting start-ups and SMEs, we contribute to accelerating innovation in aerospace. 


Based in Silicon Valley, A3 is a disruptive innovation centre tasked with defining the future of flight by employing world-class experts, flying in the face of risk and delivering with maximum speed.

Airbus China Innovation Centre

Based in Shenzhen, China, the Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC) is tasked with identifying the next big change to transform the aerospace sector by tapping into the burgeoning local technology activities and talent pool. 

Airbus BizLab

Airbus BizLab is a global network of aerospace accelerators in France, Germany and India where startups and Airbus intrapreneurs are hosted to speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable and viable businesses.

Airbus Ventures

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and Paris, Airbus Ventures is a fast-moving early-stage investment group that independently funds and supports inspiring start-ups in the aerospace industry. 

Open Innovation

Our Open Innovation programme aims at identifying dynamic SMEs and startups to partner with to develop ground-breaking technologies applicable to the aeronautics industry. Have an idea? Share it with us.

Our team will assess the scope of application of your proposal, including its feasibility, maturity and viability. If selected, you will be invited to pitch your idea to our experts to further explore your idea, possible use cases and partnership opportunities.


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