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Training & flight ops

Training & flight ops

Quality training is directly linked to pilots and flight crew proficiency, as well as their ability to safely operate rotorcraft in a full range of conditions and missions.

Airbus' helicopter division provides complete training solutions in 23 training centres throughout the world – from ab-initio up to recurrent, along with type rating and mission training for both pilots and technicians.

Some of these centres have state-of-the-art full-flight simulators equipped with OEM data packages that provide the most true-to-life experience possible. And many of them utilise full-scale mockups, available for some rotorcraft.

In 2015 alone, Airbus trained around 12,000 helicopter pilots and technicians, and recorded 7,900 helicopter flight and 29,000 helicopter simulator hours during training activities.

Contacts, catalogues & courses

 - For the H145 and H135:

- For all other helicopters: or visit the Airbus Helicopters Training Services website.

Airbus Helicopters Training Map March 2017

Pilot training

Qualification courses, known as type-rating training, are Airbus’ primary training support for helicopter pilots. They range from single- and multi-pilot, to renewal and instructor training courses.

Recent expansions to the training course catalogue focus on recurrent and mission training, such as emergency procedures, IFR (instrument flight rules) and night flight courses. The company also offers customised ground and in-flight training programs.

Many of these courses rely on state-of-the-art training technology such as full flight simulators, (FFS), flight navigation procedure trainers (FNPTs) and light training devices (LTDs), which provide realistic and cost-efficient mission-training that prepares pilots and flight personnel for real-world situations.

For users who prefer to train remotely, e-learning modules are available for some courses. Accessible remotely via a web application, these options help keep costs low and increase efficiency.

In addition, ab-initio pilot training is available at the company’s five ab initio training centers located in Mexico, Asia and Europe.

Technician training

Technician training is another area of specialisation for Airbus, which offers type rating qualification courses for both avionics and airframes.

The curriculum involves both theoretical training and hands-on practice performed on full-size maintenance training helicopters and actual components, such as cockpits and gearboxes, to simulate real-world situations for maintenance personnel.

Specialised courses and refresher courses also are available, among other offerings.

Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT)

Airbus Helicopters has brought virtual reality to technician training world with the launch of a new Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT).

The VMT provides a real-time and free-play simulation of Airbus helicopters and their support equipment. It is designed to ease the training experience for students by:

  • Familiarizing them with the helicopters anytime, anywhere
  • Providing an interactive and safe learning environment
  • Optimizing training time by combining a virtual environment and real equipment

Through this new pedagogical tool, Airbus will be able to provide the same level of technician training service to all operators. The VMT will be deployed throughout all Airbus Helicopters training centres around the world.

Simulation training

Airbus is committed to expanding its network of helicopter simulation trainers in order to enhance the quantity and quality of the training solutions available to customers near their operations. Conducting simulation training locally reduces the costs associated with pilot availability and means pilots can train more frequently and with greater convenience.

The two main simulation tools deployed by Airbus are the static flight navigation procedure trainer (FNPTs) and the dynamic full-flight simulator (FFS), both of which contribute to safer and more realistic training.

The FNPT complements type rating training. It is a cost-effective solution that allows operators to accrue a greater number of training hours before moving to an FFS or real flight, or to meet the training-hour recommendations suggested by independent industry associations such as the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers.

As Airbus’ full-motion training tool, FFSs are available at Helisim in France and various other locations close to customer operations. The Level D version of the FFS offers the highest level of training available on the market today, with the best fidelity, the latest technologies and the highest degree of customization. The OEM data package installed on the FFS ensures the most true-to-life experience possible.

Airbus’ FFS network has grown exponentially over the past few years. Currently they are available for the most popular helicopters in the range.

Flight operations

Airbus' helicopters flight operations service is designed to support pilots and crews in addressing any operational questions and concerns that arise.

The cornerstone of flight operations is the flight operations crew help desk – available 24/7 worldwide to handle queries related to:

  • Aircrew publications such as master minimum equipment lists (MMELs), flight manuals and check lists
  • Helicopter limitations, performance, procedures, operations and systems
  • Industry regulations

Access the Flight Operations Crew Help Desk on Keycopter.


Airbus' helicopter instructor pilots can be dispatched to customer sites to join pilots on their missions, showing them the ins and outs of operating the rotorcraft in their actual environment and increasing their knowledge.

This form of on-site pilot assistance can be customised to an operator’s needs to support the safety and efficiency of their operations

Consulting services

Airbus’ helicopter consulting experts analyse operational and environmental constraints to propose new service solutions that will optimise operators’ fleets.

Airbus can design, set up and implement a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) under EASA Part M to ensure the continuing airworthiness of a customer’s rotorcraft.

Airbus helps customers to optimise their training operations by identifying needs, analysing existing systems, and proposing flexible and competitive solutions.

Airbus helps customers build their safety management systems – from audits to the full development and implementation of new safety management processes and a customised training program.

With a range of services including evaluating, developing and implementing quality organizations, Airbus Helicopters supports its customers’ initiatives.

Airbus works with customers to build environmental management systems that help them to comply with relevant environmental legislation, to identify potential environmental risks, and to increase their environmental efficiency.

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