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Peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, firefighting, transport

Military utility missions such as peacekeeping and humanitarian duties, firefighting and personnel transport require durability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness – key attributes of Airbus’ complete product range. 

Airbus listens to the requirements of military services, governments and non-governmental agencies around the world to ensure they get the most out of their aircraft.


Light helicopters

The two metric tonne-category H125M has high maneuverability and is well suited for high altitudes and hot climates. Regularly used for external lifting operations with a sling that usually is reserved for larger aircraft, this helicopter provides a very effective and cost efficient choice for fire-fighting missions.

Also in Airbus’ lightweight product line is the larger twin-engine H135M, combining a compact external footprint with a large flat-floor cabin. The H135M is capable of lifting its own empty weight, and the aircraft’s avionics and optional digital automatic flight control system (DAFCS) make it one of the most stable and low-workload platforms in service.

Utility applications for the H135M include transportation for authorities and dignitaries, while the communications equipment allows an onboard operator to interface with airborne and ground units as well as unmanned aerial vehicles.

The twin-engine H145M has become a benchmark for utility helicopters, being designed from the start to meet this segment’s operational needs. Its characteristics include an unobstructed flat floor cabin, large sliding cabin doors, rear clamshell doors, high-mounted tail rotor and exceptional cockpit visibility.

Like the H135M, Airbus’ H145M is able to lift its own empty weight, and the aircraft is offered with a range of swing, sling and hoist options. One of the largest single users is the U.S. Army, which has adopted it as the service’s Light Utility Helicopter – with more than 300 delivered in the UH-72A version.


Medium helicopters

The Dauphin family helicopters, like the AS565 MBe, are easily recognizable for their streamlined airframe and signature Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor. By delivering excellent performance and range, these rotorcraft are widely used around the world for demanding utility operations. They offer high cruise speeds and genuine all-weather capabilities, ensuring safe and smooth transportation.

Heavy helicopters

Super Puma twin-engine family aircraft are the powerhouses of Airbus’ product range. They have forged a well-earned reputation as true workhorses, with a very large useful volume in the cabin. 

The 11-mertic-tonne-category H225M offers a 40 percent higher useful load (5.7 tonnes), a 19-seat cabin and an unmatched combination of rapid cruise speeds and low cabin vibration. Provisions are provided for a three-metric-tonne cargo sling, while the helicopter is capable of dispersing 1,057 gallons of fire retardant on forest fires when equipped with a removable cabin-mounted tank for a water-bomber configuration.

Airbus’ H215M member of the Super Puma family is perfectly suited for utility missions. It offers versatility across a full range of applications that include peacekeeping and humanitarian duties, especially in hot-and-high environments, as well as missions requiring a small footprint while delivering significant lift capability – such as the vertical replenishment of ships. 

Offered with a standardized equipment definition for more rapid production times and cost-effective acquisition prices, the H215M's basic definition incorporates the proven four-axis autopilot and associated automatic flight control system from the H225M. This ensures flight envelope protection, unrivalled precision and stability, in even the harshest operating conditions. 



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