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Continuing innovation

Continuing innovation

A message from Jean Brice Dumont, Chief Technical Officer

FAL H225

As Head of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer at Airbus Helicopters, no detail is too small in the quest for improved safety and performance.

My vision of excellence applies to each and every stage of an individual aircraft’s life – from concept and design to development, manufacture and assembly of every helicopter the company produces. My team ensures thorough and ongoing direct support to the safe operations of the company’s helicopters in all missions across the globe. And constant innovation ensures that the latest design and engineering advances are incorporated at every level.

From cutting-edge aircraft design, to state-of-the-art systems and displays, Airbus Helicopters has developed a full range of technological improvements to increase safety. Our company’s reputation for prioritising safety and innovation has been built on an insistence that the most up-to-date advances in security, both in the air and on the ground, are incorporated into every one of its helicopters.

Jean-Brice Dumont, Head of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer

H225 Innovation Programme

Airbus Helicopters continues to look towards the future with the H225, with an ongoing focus on quality assurance, innovation in vibration detection and design improvements to the main gear box (MGB).

Quality assurance

Airbus is constantly reviewing and improving our processes for the handling and tracking of dynamic components. This includes developing better solutions for documentation, repair feedback and IT solutions for better traceability.

Vibration detection

The vibration detection systems on the H225 are used to collect and analyse critical data to optimise the helicopter’s availability and safety. We are working in partnership with leading university research centres on the detection of occurrences such as spalling, and we are seeing some promising developments in this field.

MGB shock detectors

Airbus is putting in place a series of initiatives to improve the shock resistance of the MGB during transportation and to better report back anything that could have an impact on the MGB as it makes its way from point A to point B. Sensors that capture parameters such as temperature, lightning and shock level have been placed on the MGB and previous history of the part can be closely monitored. The packaging for the MGB now includes highly visible stickers that change colour if the crate sustains a certain level of force or shock.

New magnetic flow sensor

Airbus is working on implementing new technologies that will enable improved detection of spalling debris contained in the oil flow of the main gear box. The solution entails a magnetic plug to detect particles with a much higher degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

H225 safety improvements infographic

H225 Safety Infographic

Super Puma Information Centre

Super Puma Information Centre

LN-OJF accident investigation status

Super Puma family and fleet

Safety and the community

Continuing innovation

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