Apprentice. Maintenance Service in Toulouse, France

I'm pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Maintenance Engineering as an apprentice. It means that I spend 3 weeks at school and 5 weeks working at Airbus. I have chosen to do an apprenticeship to have both hands-on experience and academic qualifications. I feel privileged to have this apprenticeship within Airbus, one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers.

I'm involved in the Obsolescence's Management Project for the Final Assembly Lines in Airbus Toulouse. To be more precise, I work for automation components to update the components list (what, where, manufacturer's name, references, type...), which are used on Final Assembly Lines. In my daily work, I contact manufacturers to know if their products are still available or not. If they're not available, I have to look for alternative components which can replace the obsolete ones. Then, I check out with my tutor if we have to retrofit the obsolete components and to store the alternative components. Finally, I update the automation components list.

I would recommend people to join Airbus because it's a valuable and stimulating experience from a technical point of view and also for the quality and the diversity of the human relationships. This apprenticeship is enabling me to widen my knowledge, to broaden my horizons and to discover a dreamed reality: "the aeronautical world".