Intern. Handing Quality Model & Instrumentation in Toulouse, France

I am currently doing a Sandwich year in Airbus, between two years of my engineering studies at ENSICA-ISAE, in Toulouse. I wanted to do a long-term internship to use the theory I have learnt in class such as Flight physics, aerodynamics and fluids mechanics and apply it to the real world. I'm pleased to carry out my internship within Airbus, my first experience in an EADS Company.

I'm a member of a ten engineer's team, in the Handing Quality Model & Instrumentation department. We work on data for handling qualities on the modelling of the A350-XWB's aerodynamic coefficients in situation of ground effect and large sideslip. We aim to better understand the aircraft behaviour by evaluating numerical tools and flight test identification in order to improve the Aerodynamic Data.

This internship enables me to experiment an engineer daily work for almost one year, in a complete team with a concrete project and practical goals. I have been able to develop a critical analysis of tools capabilities and limitations, a physical understanding of the aerodynamic phenomenon and an adaptation to numerous tools. I recommend this kind of experience for people who want to know what working in a renowned company means before graduating.